Does every body like corn? It seems to be an unassuming, non-controversial plant food item. You probably have a preference as to whether you’d prefer to eat it off the cob or with a spoon.

This shelf-stable corn product from The Planted Path is a spoon kind of corn. It’s been fire roasted with bell peppers added in it.

Let’s jump right into the point… How does it taste?

On its own, it tastes like shelf-stable food. Like a distinct flavor that is not at all fresh. The things I like about corn (the fresh, juicy flavor) is not here. It’s not dry but it’s not fresh.

This tastes more like tex-mex corn. I added it to a lentil bean dish with tomatoes and it was good that way.

So if you were to purchase this, I’d advise making it an addition to a bigger dish. It’s not that tasty all on it’s own.

However, if you love canned cream corn, you may like this too. No, it’s not creamy but it has that “less than freshly picked” flavor just like this one does.

Overall, I give it a 5/10.

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