Mineral water and juice is a classic combination in healthy kitchens everywhere. Here, Perrier has done all of the hard work for you and combined it into a handy canned drink. How does it taste?

If you guessed “a healthy soda” you would be correct! That’s exactly what it tastes like to me and I love that. Soda’s are known for being heavy on the sugar and artificial colors and flavors.

This Perrier & Juice Drink is literally mineral water and fruit juice.

The flavor is Peach and Cherry but there are also way more juices in this single-serving can. In here there is:

  • Peach juice (peach juice)
  • Lemon juice (listed twice)
  • Apple juice
  • Sour Cherry juice
  • and, Carrot juice for color.

Since I drank this out of the can, I didn’t notice the color that it is.

The juices did give this beverage a fresh taste, though. I really enjoyed it.

Sugar is also listed in the ingredients but there are only 12 grams. It doesn’t really taste sweet at all. It has a sour soda vibe, similar to grapefruit or cranberry juice.

Overall, yes, I like this. It’s been a long time since I have drank a traditional soda so this was a nice way to get a little taste of one without throwing my body into a sugar shock.

And, yes, I’d buy again.

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