Pineapple and rum in a healthy snack? Yes, please! Sahale Snacks has glazed nuts down to a tasty science. There is not much that this brand can do wrong in my eyes.

Sometimes we forget that coconut is a NUT, but it is. The meat has the distinctive chew that gives snacks like these a satisfying finish.

As usual, I found myself at 7-Eleven looking at the natural snack options. It seems like every week, Sahale Snacks has a new flavor to try! That makes me a happy snack reviewer!

This one turned out to be one of my favorite flavors and not just because it has rum in it. It’s actually the pineapple flavor that shines the brightest.

It tastes like really fresh, bright, pineapple juice was used in this. Pineapple juice that has been reduced to a sticky glaze/syrup.

I loved this flavor. And yes, I ate the entire bag in an hour. It’s that good!

Would I buy again? Yep.

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