This post is short because I’m not feeling very well. But I wanted to post today anyway because it’s important to me to contribute to my website regularly.

In a nutshell, that’s one example of being sincere: doing actions based on what is important to you personally. Now what’s important to other people, what is important and meaningful to you, specifically.

The official definition of sincere is “Genuine feelings.”

Staying true to who you really are will allow you to be sincere. That’s when people say you have a “good heart” because you genuinely care about feeding the homeless etc.

You can’t fake sincerity 100%. Someone will know what you don’t really mean it.

The devil’s advocate will say “well if they don’t really care about feeding the homeless, but they feed the homeless anyway, then what is the difference?”

I’m asking you, reader. Because I dont have an answer for that. I’m my mind, for that situation, their sincerity doesnt matter because the homeless is being fed with nutritious foods. The results over ride the intentions in that instance. I could be wrong.

Measuring someone’s sincerity is a slippery slope.

But I can tell you from personal experience that it is exhausting to discover that many people that you once knew were not sincere people.

I’m not talking about the Chic-Fil-a person who says “my pleasure ” after serving you. I’m talking about the people who have no obligation to you and they are fake with you anyway.

I aim to be sincere in my actions. It’s even more important to me now than ever before.

One time, I was in a group of four older people and we were planning an event… Someone brought up a Special Guest to put on the flyer. Everyone agreed it would be a good idea! The meeting adjourned with someone taking on the task of creating the flyer.

But, I had one issue. I said, “Shouldn’t we wait until the Special Guest confirms before we put her on the flyer?”

The answer? Everyone said “no” they would keep the Special Guest on the flyer whether or not they can actually come because using their name would boost attendance.

Obviously, this is dishonest. Everyone started leaving the room and one person remained. I told them that I wasn’t comfortable with it.

This person, being older than me and having planned many more events, they told me that this kind of thing is done often.

I told them, that I would never feel comfortable willfully lying to get people to come.

The person told me. “I hope you always stay sincere like that.”

Maybe my ego needed to hear that but after being called sincere, I began to respect myself a lot more. Through the lense of this example, I noticed that I am sincere as a personality trait.

Sure, I have my privacy and I dont tell my secrets, but I follow my heart and stay true to myself.

I had a secret one time and people got mad because I didn’t tell them. (That’s incredibly entitled and nosy.) But what I learned from that is that 1) being older does not mean being mature. And 2) when you follow your heart, people won’t agree. They may sincerely feel that you are wrong lol

You can either please other people or please yourself. Sometimes, no one wins.

Where your sincerity lies will determine which you choose. I choose myself and my son over other people. I always will.

Something else I learned is that being sincere requires strength because there will always be people who dont agree with your choices. Follow your heart anyway!

Anyway, I guess that’s all. There have been many learning experiences for me in the recent past and they’ve all brought me closer to God as I recognize God’s love, grace, and favor in my life. I will never go back to the place of energy that the other people reside in. No more anxiety and depression for me. Love first!!! Thanks for reading.

Sincerely, Star.

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