If Jesus is the son of God, and I am a child of God, then Jesus is my brother!

Hear me out because this applies to you too. If you believe in the good energy that Jesus represents.

Jesus is the cool older brother that we look up to. The older brother that does all sorts of things – the Homecoming King and the Star Quarterback. He makes honor roll and graduates Magna Cum Laude. He paints murals in the city and feeds the homeless on Wednesdays.

Then here we are, putting our best foot forward and still not measuring up completely to our big brother.

And that’s okay.

Having Jesus as a big brother is not about comparing ourselves to him. Maybe if you could heal the blind, it would be an accurate comparison. But, you can’t heal the blind so don’t even worry about it.

Let’s get to the point: Jesus, being everyone’s brother, gives us the peace to know that there is no one above us. Not even Jesus himself,

Well, okay. Maybe Jesus is above us because he is on a God Frequency and we are not there yet.

But, everyone else on Earth is on the same level.

Some people may be smarter than you, or more successful, but that doesn’t make them better than you.

If you think that someone is better than you, that means that you are over estimating them and under estimating yourself.

There is a reason why people don’t like those who are “goody-two-shoes.” It’s because they feel, in their core, that no one is perfect.

I’d argue that some people really do have more pure goodness in them than they do have a “dark side.”

But, rarely, will such a benevolent person see themselves as being a better person than you.

For example, millions of people think that Mr. Rodgers is a better person than they are themselves. But I am willing to bet that Mr. Rodgers did not see himself as a better person than anyone else.

The ones who are truly better than us will not see themselves that way.

And then, if you see yourself as “lesser than” other people then it is you, in fact, who has a self-esteem issue.

Anyway, Jesus is my bigger and much older spiritual brother. He can work miracles. And, he loves his little sister (me!) so he looks out for me, too.

You don’t have to believe in Jesus but you do have to believe that no one is better than you.

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