An Easy Light Source (if you believe in #God)

Hey you all. Easy Light Sources is about easy things that make you feel good in life (like the right mindset or healthy food). I haven’t been very religious but this Light Source can really only apply to people who believe in God/The Higher Power/Source Energy.

This Light Source is the fact that God hears our prayers. I know for a fact that He does. We may not get everything that we ask for but He (or She, whatever you call God) knows what you are asking for.

Things I have prayed for, as I walk the healed path in life I have seen so many signs and clues that align with exactly what I has been thinking about and praying for.

I can’t tell you why prayers don’t get answered.

I also cant tell you why the are starving kids who pray to God. That’s not my place.

Always, on this website, I make it a point to only talk about what I have experienced.

Acknowledgement of prayers is definitely a “yes.” (You can also call it a coincidence if it applies).

I hope you reading this will also have this kind of experience.


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