You Can Strengthen Your Spirit By Imagining Your Senses

Sometimes things in life make us feel weak and that’s just the way it is. This is so true for me. And then I started meditating with the Archangels and the things they show me helps to strengthen me. It’s nothing crazy at all. Meditation is so approachable. Here is a meditation post I didContinue reading “You Can Strengthen Your Spirit By Imagining Your Senses”

11 Questions With Master Healer – Niamo Muid!

I had the honor to interview a very kind and intelligent author named Niamo Muid! A spiritual minister and energy healer based in the NYC area, Reverend Niamo has been a prominent role model to many in her community for decades. She continues to heal and inspire through her books and on her website –Continue reading “11 Questions With Master Healer – Niamo Muid!”