The Angels Are Ready! – Archangel Michael

There are many angels around all of us. Some come from ancestors, some present themselves as a nice person in the grocery store. The Archangels are more special than those – Archangels are a direct communication channel to God! And now, the angels are ready to assist the humans that follow God’s will.

Archangel Michael is the part of God that changes the world. He does not want to be worshiped unless God is given equal love and glory. That’s because GOD is the power behind Archangel Michael.

(We will talk more about Worship soon because Archangel get’s frustrated with the incorrect way that people go about it.)

Archangel Michael is fiercely protective over the one who He loves.


In a way, Jesus and Michael are best friends in the Kingdom of God. Best friends… brothers… all things through GOD.

Archangel MICHAEL holds the power to change the world. If you follow GOD and things start to go well for you in your personal world, that’s the power of Michael working in your life.

Again, Michael is tired of people who use his name without following GOD’s WORD AND WILL.

If you are sincere of heart, God’s WILL is your INTUITION.

Also, Archangel Michael likes the color blue. You can see God uses His influence all over the world. Just look at the blue ocean and the blue sky!

A personal note is that being sincere is one reason God loves children so much – because they are sincere.

Update: 6/7/2020

Vengeance is not ours to serve. Even Michael, though a warrior, called on God when he came to face with the devil.

Living on a high frequency, or desiring to, requires that you lean on God to fight your battles, just as Michael does. God is all powerful and he knows more than us about what other people deserve when it comes to the good in life and the bad deals in life.

Michael encourages us in two main ways: First, he wants us to have courage. Don’t back down if God reveals a new path to you. Remember fortune favors the bold.

Secondly, ArchAngel Michael likes for us to remember God in all things that we do, say, feel, and think. Even in our dreams, we must respect God as the Creator of everything that we experience.

Arrogance is not favored in any shape or form and having an “I am God” attitude can cause the angels to give you the side-eye. Luckily, a heart-felt apology heals all wounds that can create a divide between you and God. Only though the will of the Almighty God will we be able to accomplish our hearts desires, no matter how big or small those desires may be.

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