The Angels Are Ready – Archangel Uriel

This post is about the fourth Archangel – Uriel.

I call him Prince Angel 4 because He has expensive taste. Uriel’s favorite book is KINGS I in the Bible. Reading the description of King Solomon’s temple brings joy to Archangel Uriel.

Prince Angel 4 is the angel of FIRE! Because of His immense power, He does not work with everyone. Call His name as much as you want (or DON’T lol) but He will only come to people who are evolved with their emotional state.

Archangel Uriel has champagne tastes. His favorite color is gold, obviously. Make sure your mind and thought processes are limitless to have a nice visit with him 🙂

Some say that Prince Uriel is the Archangel of wisdom. This is why He doesn’t waste His time with people who are not in control of themselves. It takes wisdom to be able to control yourself when emotions are HOT. Because He is hot – He understands the damage that will be done with people react off of their first emotions. That’s also why Uriel is the lesser-known of the 4 Archangels: uncontrolled fire can destroy many things beyond recognition.

If you want to see if Uriel likes you, try thinking about things without using words.

More information is coming but for now you have to remember, Only Approach These Angels If You Believe and Trust in God. If you don’t have a loving and trusting relationship with God then something bad may happen to you.

Update: 6/7/2020

To clarify on that last sentence: this is how an experience can go when people do not trust God enough. The angel will come to you and they may reveal something to you that could be discomforting or scary. This can lead to a fear of angels because you may thing that the discomfort is coming from them. But it’s not.

God, The Almighty, is in control of everything. The discomfort is only a test. The test is to see how much you trust God. If you trust him then you know that the angel is not to be feared. You can ask God to protect you and your emotional state.

What I had to learn the most is that God is always present and so we should always be present with Him.

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