Get Closer To #God Through Animals

A lot of times, people complicate what it means to be closer to God as an individual. An easy key to getting closer to God is by appreciating the things that he has created on this Earth. God is SO CREATIVE, you can see it all around us in the various plants, animals, and colors.

I can tell you this as a fact: Animals are one of God’s favorite creations on this Planet Earth. You know how we love cats and dogs as pets? God loves all His animals as pets!

You know how entertaining it is when you just watch animals play around. They are AMUSING AND ENTERTAINING and lead interesting lives.

The easy fact is that God likes when you appreciate His animals.

And this may sound controversial, especially because I advocate for a vegan lifestyle but – God ain’t that mad that humans eat animals. He just wants us to respect them.

So, what is your favorite animal? What do you like about it? Are there any animals that are similar to it? Explore the animal kingdom. After all, it is a KINGDOM, God is the ultimate royalty and He resides in all kingdoms.

Also don’t forget the aquatic animals. God loves aquatic animals because in some ways, He was able to express more creativity when designing water animals.

Have fun with it! If you’re awkward around children, talk to them about animals.

Remember, you will never experience the beauty of God if you are not able to be sincere like a child. Animals are easy to be sincere about. Take advantage because all of God’s directions are not easy to follow. But what is easy is to appreciate your favorite animal.

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