Get Closer To #God With Colors

A lot of times, people complicate what it means to be closer to God as an individual. An easy key to getting closer to God is by appreciating the things that he has created on this Earth. God is SO CREATIVE, you can see it all around us in the various plants, animals, and colors.

As mentioned in the video at the bottom of this article, colors are eye candy. Candy adds pleasure to your mouth just like colors add pleasure to your visual experience.

Online you will find many, many resources of the meanings of colors and the vibrations that colors hold. Later we can get into each individual colors but right now, let’s do an overview that applies to all colors.

Firstly, each color does have a meaning and a purpose. They carry a message. Marketing and advertisers know this – that’s why big corporations like McDonalds use certain colors in their logos and whatnot.

Secondly – you can wear certain colors to bring about certain feelings in your own life. For example, if someone walks into the room wearing a yellow shirt, you can be sure that they will be noticed as a bright thing walking in. Another example of this is the study that said that women appear more attractive when they wear the color red. And, the rumor that red cars get pulled over more for speeding tickets.

The little facts like that go on and on!

Now, to the Godly part of this post. Using colors to get closer to God. First it is the truth that God is within all of us. You have to believe that to get closer to God. Stop being so damn skeptical!

Realize that God is internal instead of only external. Now get closer to Him by internalizing the colors that he has created.


Meditating is definitely a necessary skill here. You’ll need to meditate with the colors in your visuals. Start with the color green and meditate with it in your head. It’s easier than you think.

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