Get Closer To #God With Healthy Food

It’s interesting to see how my website is coming full circle! I knew in the beginning that eating healthy foods made a person feel better. Not just feel better physically but also feeling better in their minds, which I think is most important.

I didn’t always have a close relationship with God as I do now. As a matter of fact, people who have been readers and supporters may be surprised by the recent posts. But hey what can I say – when God calls on you, it’s impossible to say no. I love God, and Jesus, and the Angel’s, with all my heart. And my heart is GOOD which is why they love and trust me as well.

Anyway, God’s favorite creations on Earth are the bounty of Foods (fruits, veggies, nuts), the wide variety of animals (on the land, in the ocean, and in the air) and the colors that are easy to be enjoyed (especially as flowers and roses). I am actually one of God’s roses because I am strong and delicate and beautiful.

The long and short of this post is that appreciating foods is an easy easy way to become closer to God. He likes when we have our favorite foods, especially when they are healthy like fruits and vegetables. You really don’t need to eat animals. But if you do, be sure to respect them.

That’s the end but the rest is my testimonial 🙂 ❤

At one time, I worried that people would judge me for mentioning that God and the Angel’s talk to me. However, that doesn’t matter now. Who cares what someone would say about me when I am talking about God. I am thankful that God approves of me. Through all the depression and anxiety and all the nights I cried wishing I would die in my sleep, my heart was in the right place but my mind was still wrong.

Most of the pain I experienced came from the realization I was so different  from everyone else. And then I needed a friend and Jesus found me and then He told God about me and now God and Jesus live with me in m and I’m not in pain anymore. Knowing that they love me has allowed me to embrace who I truly am.

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