The Angels Are Ready! – Archangel Raphael!

It is time to talk about a very powerful angel, Archangel Raphael! The angels are ready to assist the humans that follow God’s Will.

Archangel Raphael is the first angel that came to me in a physical “that’s an angel” way. LOL After I saw him, I had a vivid dream that fully opened the gateway between me and the creator of the heavens and the Earth.

ArchAngel Raphael is the angel that God works through to provide healing and love to the world.

The only thing that might be better than God’s love is God’s TRUST. Sure, there are a lot of websites that discuss Archangels and divine topics but now, God wants me to discuss divine spirituality on my website. So of course I will FOLLOW GOD. That’s the whole point of life – which is why people are suffering. Big corporations focus on making money and exploiting people instead of doing as God would want them to do. Oppressing others is a huge sin to God. To be clear: knowing what others need and preventing them from receiving it is not pleasing to God. He speaks against that action in the book of proverbs.

ANYWAY – can we discuss Raphael now? He’s amazing!

Archangel Raphael is great because He is the angel of healing. If you believe in the chakra system – he is the HEART chakra. Instead of seeking to be healed, Archangel Raphael says it will be better to seek to gain God’s love and trust.

Knowing that God trusts you is a good feeling.

Often times, someone will say to another – “God Loves You” and then the response will be “Yeah, but….”

That’s awful though, That’s disrespectful to God. Dismissing His love is like saying that the earthly problems are more important to focus on than God.

We mentioned the oppression happening in the world. You definitely have to be STRONG to allow God’s love to prevail in your thoughts over the other things. How strong are you?

You have to be strong for God to trust you.

The song- THE POWER OF LOVE is a perfect song to learn about God’s love. Okay? Listen to it!

If you want to be a good energy on this Earth – talk about something funny and what makes you smile. Talk about hugs and God’s creations like animals and the millions of different foods on the Earth. Or, you can talk about music and DANCE too.

Okay, that’s the end for this post. Again, for people who are lost on how to get happy- meditate with the color green. That’ll allow Raphael to determine if you are sincere.

Update: 6/7/2020

Being as Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer, it should come as no surprise that reading New Testament is a good way to meditate with this Angel. Jesus healed so effortlessly and gently. Not only did He heal believers that had physical problems, His teachings also provided healing for people’s relationships with God. God is so pleased with Jesus’ courage – something that we can all aspire to.

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