This is interesting to talk about given the fact that many religious sects consider divination techniques to be the opposite of God’s energy.

However, I am here to tell you why that didn’t apply to me. To put it simply, my mind is free of many religious indoctrination so tarot cards were never evil for me.

That’s actually one of the things that God loves about me the most – my mind. Although I have my negative programming (that I actively work to eliminate), God likes that I have a fresh view of things.

I’ve been called so many negative things, such as an airhead, ditzy, and straight up dumb. But look at the world around us – I’m glad that I don’t think like other people do.

Anyway.. first, No, I am not dumb, okay 🙂

But secondly, I started embracing my spiritual gifts maybe 6 years ago. Everyone has intuition but some people’s is more corrupted than others. My intuition was corrupted by anxious thoughts and depressive moods.

Tarot cards helped me to open up the spiritual channel between myself and the Creator of the heavens and the Earth and beyond.

Fast forward to more recent times, a quest for more self-love and thinking for myself led me to finding a friend in Jesus and then God started noticing me more. And then the Angels started fluttering around me. And now when I do tarot readings, they are crazy accurate and insightful. It’s a thing of beauty, really.

The most interesting part now? God has strengthened by gift of doing readings for other people while also pulling me away from doing reading for myself.

This God Journey that I am on is to internalize the fact that God and I are one entity. That means, allowing my intuition (along with the angels) to guide me internally, instead of using the cards externally.

So, all that being said, I still do readings for other people. I actually started a YouTube channel for tarot readings if anyone wants a reading (it’s based on your zodiac sign). Here is a link: Jet Fuel Tarot.

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