Doubts About The Devil

I doubt that the devil exists. To give the devil so much credence undermines Gods power!

The thing about God being all-powerful is that He gets held responsible for the bad things that happen as well.

And that’s fine. Blame God for all of the bad things that happen. He can handle the blame but just don’t act like the other energy -the devil energy- is equal to Gods power because it’s really not.

What God is up against is human nature, honestly.

3 thoughts on “Doubts About The Devil”

  1. people so often blame God for bad things happening on this planet… But we are doing it… not God… And God let us do it because we have free will… If I cannot come to you and punch you in face…that means that we have no free will. That doesnt mean that God allows and likes that I punch someone in face… those are just my thoughts about it


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