Who is Reda? My mom, of course! Why is this post dedicated to her? Because of a dream I had that was full of quotes from her.

I don’t remember a lot of exact quotes but here are some that are the best representation of some of our conversations.

Reda Khalifah on God:

“God is in me and He is in you. So when I look at you, I see God. And when you look at me, you can see God too. “

Reda Khalifah on her death:

“Don’t let God punish you by taking me away.” Meaning – living without a mother shouldn’t be a punishment.

Reda Khalifah on astral projection:

“It’s like dreaming, but you’re not asleep. Everything is the same, the house is the same but I was flying through instead of walking. I tried turning on the light but my hand was going through the light switch.”

Reda Khalifah did the Mashed Potatoes dance really well but was shy to do it too much.

I wish she taught me to mash potato dance lol

Reda Khalifah on taking natural remedies that tasted gross:

“Turn it up and drink it down.”

I have my mother to thank for my gift of cooking well. Before she became too sick, she would make big batches of veggie burgers for everyone in her congregation to enjoy -essentially feeding 15-25 people her veggie burgers. After she died, people would ask 9 year old me for the recipe to her veggie burgers. (I didn’t have the recipe.lol) my mother also introduced me to hemp seeds 20 years before they became a fad. She liked to add them to smoothies.

On a personal note I would say that Reda was definitely a favorite child of God.

Jesus and God live with me and my mother Reda is one of my Archangels. Shalom!

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