So, I have not been faithful to the writing prompts in this blogger challenge but that doesnt matter right now! I’d rather tell you guys about my hobbies.

Well I will start by saying that I wax and wane in my interests. Sometimes I like hand sewing things. Sometimes I like making beaded jewelry.

Some things I always enjoy are painting pictures, reading, playing video games (when time allows), tarot cards, and sleeping.

Yes, sleeping is a hobby. I love sleeping so much. My dreams are very vivid and exciting!

I wish I was disciplined enough to make my yoga practice a steady hobby but … I’m working on it 🙂

Baking and trying new recipes used to be a fun hobby of mine but now, not so much. I suspect that my interest will grow again when I move into a place with another dishwasher!

Movie watching is also an older hobby of mine. I used to love watching movies. I dont know when I stopped loving it intensely but I suspect it was when I stopped being interested in watching movies that I’ve seen before.

Tarot cards is a hobby.

Gardening is a wannabe hobby but I’m in the process of moving and I don’t know when I’ll have private backyard space again to bring that back in style.

Yoga, though… I’m bringing that back into rotation. I’m at a 2 times a week practice, on a good week. But, I hope to be at a daily practice again soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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