Cats- God’s Favorite Animal?

Yes, God loves all animals; He created them! But I have a case to make for cats in particular being God’s favorite.

First, all of the world’s animals are God’s favorite animals. Probably. God ain’t really tripping on this disclaimer.

Now that that is out of the way! Here we go:

First, we can see that there are TONS of different kinds of cats.

Sure, sure, there are many different types of dogs too. BUT are there big dogs and small dogs? No, not like there are BIG CATS!

(Side note, God LOVES dogs too. Literally, God and Dog use the same letters. To be more specific, Dogs have a pure holy spirit that resonate with people on a deep and spiritual level. Dogs are love, too)

Back to the big cats though. How many different kind of big ass cats are there?!

  • Cheetahs
  • Jaguars
  • Cougars
  • Panthers
  • Leopards
  • Lions
  • Pumas
  • Bobcats
  • Mountain Lions

Okay?! God enjoyed designing them. And Lions in particular are special because they are the only ones with a fancy mane. They were created last because why not do something a little funky!

Cats also have wicked amounts of personality. In ancient Egypt, cats were a special animal, spiritually. At one time, God had a really close relationship with Ancient Egyptians. He lived with them and gave them the powers to build those amazing pyramids. But then they got arrogant and their spiritual relationship with God changed.

But, one fact remains, Cats were special then and they are still special now. It was the humans that frustrated God, not the cats lol

So to conclude, God had fun when He made cats. And He enjoys observing their behavior now 🙂

And so do I! I have cats around the house (outdoors) and they are fun to observe. Animals in general are fun to watch and Good Energy. I think it’s weird when people don’t have a favorite animal lol. I mean, you can have more than one favorite 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cats- God’s Favorite Animal?”

  1. Cats are amazing. One thing to note, though: All cats either belong to the panthera genus (big cats) or felinae genus (“small” cats).

    There are only four true “big cats,” and they are the tiger, lion, jaguar and leopard. Together they comprise the genus panthera.

    Cheetahs are members of felinae, as are mountain lions. Mountain lion, cougar, puma and catamount are all names for the same cat.

    The real distinction between “big cats” (panthera) and “small cats” (felinae) is that the former can roar, while the latter can purr.

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