Is This A Christian Website?

The title question is a bit complicated to explain but Father God is urging me to specifically address this question because the need is increasing for clarification!

To answer directly – No, I’m not a Christian. I’m not any religion. I have no desire to claim any religion and here’s why:

God is older than religion. As God lives with me and within me, it is He that guides me. The Holy Bible is a supportive text for what He teaches me. Also – The Bible is a great way to calibrate your mind into a certain frequency.

Anyway – I don’t want to get off course 🙂

Read the name of this website. Easy Light SOURCES. I am, and have always been, about the SOURCE – not any mans interpretation. As far as my understanding, religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc) are largely about a human’s interpretation and guidance of The Word Of God.

Because Father God and Jesus are with me, to turn to anyone elses interpretation would be counter-productive.

Now before this all sounds too arrogant, let me say that I learn a lot from other people who believe in God. Some wonderful people I follow on WordPress and Twitter open my eyes to other perspectives that I wouldn’t have realized otherwise because of the lack of time I’ve spent in a church Bible Study or what have you.

Anyway, the Love I have for Father God, Brother Jesus, and the Friendly Archangels is surpassed by none – only rivaled by the love that I have for my Son, Legendary. Lucky for me, there is no mortal rivalry. It’s all love.

No I am not a Christian but I am a Christian, too. I love Jesus Christ and I strive to obey is teachings. I will call myself a Christian. I like going to church for the vibrations and the freedom to worship there. One day, soon hopefully, I will visit all churches. I do want to visit all churches. I desire to experience the music and dance, hear the Word, and then through my eyes Father God wants to see how others welcome a stranger newcomer and her son. So, be on your best behavior LOL 😉

Yes, I’m a Christian as much as Father God is a christian and as much as Jesus is a christian.

Thanks for reading!

2 Comments on “Is This A Christian Website?

    • Thank you for your comments!! Beyond intellect really speaks to me… people use scientific facts to dispute God’s power but God is all powerful, He created science (not the other way around lol)

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