The title question is a bit complicated to explain but Father God is urging me to specifically address this question because the need is increasing for clarification!

To answer directly – No, I’m not a Christian. I’m not any religion. I have no desire to claim any religion and here’s why:

God is older than religion. As God lives with me and within me, it is He that guides me. The Holy Bible is a supportive text for what He teaches me. Also – The Bible is a great way to calibrate your mind into a certain frequency.

Anyway – I don’t want to get off course 🙂

Read the name of this website. Easy Light SOURCES. I am, and have always been, about the SOURCE – not any mans interpretation. As far as my understanding, religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc) are largely about a human’s interpretation and guidance of The Word Of God.

Because Father God and Jesus are with me, to turn to anyone elses interpretation would be counter-productive.

Now before this all sounds too arrogant, let me say that I learn a lot from other people who believe in God. Some wonderful people I follow on WordPress and Twitter open my eyes to other perspectives that I wouldn’t have realized otherwise because of the lack of time I’ve spent in a church Bible Study or what have you.

Anyway, the Love I have for Father God, Brother Jesus, and the Friendly Archangels is surpassed by none – only rivaled by the love that I have for my Son, Legendary. Lucky for me, there is no mortal rivalry. It’s all love.

No I am not a Christian but I am a Christian, too. I love Jesus Christ and I strive to obey is teachings. I will call myself a Christian. I like going to church for the vibrations and the freedom to worship there. One day, soon hopefully, I will visit all churches. I do want to visit all churches. I desire to experience the music and dance, hear the Word, and then through my eyes Father God wants to see how others welcome a stranger newcomer and her son. So, be on your best behavior LOL 😉

Yes, I’m a Christian as much as Father God is a christian and as much as Jesus is a christian.

Thanks for reading!

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