The world rocked a little bit when news dropped about Kobe. And then it got darker when we find out his daughter and other people also perished in the tragedy.

Talk about a traumatic event.

Usually when people lose a loved one, they go thru a whole grieving process. Sometimes that process involves therapy, time off work, etc.

But when a big star is lost, millions of people dont have the luxury of having time to grieve and process what just happened. The loss they experienced has to be pushed to the side so they can still go to work the next day.

There’s no mistake about it, people loved Kobe Bryant. People who never got to officially meet him still have an attachment to him. Emotions are high when Kobe made a game winning shot during a championship game.

At this point, even when we don’t know someone personally, it still can not take away the fact that we can love someone that we never met.

You don’t even have to have loved him for you to feel the loss. I didn’t love Kobe Bryant and I still felt my heart sink when someone told me that he had passed away.

The world, as a collective, experiences so many tragic events, it makes me at a loss for words. I mean, we don’t have a choice but to carry on and move forward…

… but if you need to take a moment to cry, that’s okay too.

2 thoughts on “RIP Kobe Bryant

  1. yes i was also sad when it happened. that is true sign of how many lives he impacted.. although i will never play basketball..still, i can learn from him to be best in your craft and to give all you got in yourself to achieve your goals

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