7-Select French Macarons

Here’s another point that goes toward 7-Eleven being the best convenience store ever. Actually, we can give them 4 points – one for each flavor of these macaron cookies.

If you’re unfamiliar – macaron cookies are a fancy cookie sandwiches. They’re traditionally made in an extremely delicate balance of egg whites and almond flour primarily. They’re not easy to make – I’ve tried several times, years ago.

Luckily, bakeries have macaron production on lock! If you’ve never had one, they have a slightly crunchy exterior with a chewy bite underneath and TONS OF FLAVOR because of the filling.

They are the best. I’ve only had some when I went into a bakery or saw a package sold in the frozen food section. So it was great to see these in a more accessible place.

They come in packages of 4 cookies / 2 flavors. The ones I had were the flavor combination of Vanilla/Raspberry and Chocolate/Pistachio.

Want to discuss the flavor first in more detail?

Well the raspberry was an explosion of fruity flavor with a little bit of tangy flavor, too.

The vanilla macarons had real vanilla bean in the cream/custardy filling. Really. good.

Chocolate was the best chocolate cookie that I ever had.

Pistachio is my go-to flavor in a macaron bakery. I’m glad to tell you guys that this flavor is still wonderful.

The texture of these is just as perfect as the taste is.

7-Eleven found the perfect bakery to make these confections for them. In the package it says they were made in Belgium.

Would I buy these again? Sometimes I do but the downside is that 4 cookies has almost a days worth of sugar. That’s a good reason to share these cookies with a friend and to savor each bite!

Have you had these yummy cookies yet? Which ones are your favorite flavor?

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4 thoughts on “7-Eleven French Macarons Review!

  1. It looks like seven eleven has changed discretely their maccaron recipe, cheapen them by A LOT , the taste is very mediocre so is the texture yet the price remained unchanged, nor the packaging…

    Sad they had the best commercial maccaron of all .

    Please bring the first version back ..

    You can t fool the customers that buy these type of items.. unlike regular cookies.. maccaron catch the eye and wallet of specific type of clientele…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right! People who seek out macarons can recognize the quality. It’s sad to hear that 7/11 changed the recipe! I haven’t even seen them lately 😦 Thanks for your comment!


  2. I was so excited when I came across these macaroons! The first 7-11 had the choc/pistachio flavored ones. I love pistachio flavored anything, so it was a real treat. Both flavors were rich and creamy. Only thing is I had to drive to another location to try the van/ras kind.. they were good also but I prefer the choco/pistachio.. wished they sold them at the same location.. either way they r a must buy..


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