There are some interesting misconceptions about what we would call “The Abyss.”

The abyss symbolizes a form of nothingness. An open door whose only entry requirement is that you agree to surrender all control over your body while still having a free mind, so to speak.

One form of the abyss is getting anesthesia during surgery. I’d argue that it is the abyss that Michael Jackson was addicted to, not the plastic surgery itself. His mind was brilliant, I am 1000% sure he had unique experiences while he was asleep.

A little over a week ago, I published a content about the abyss. It was in the mirror meditation post. I did not realize it at the time but it is the abyss of your eyes that allow a person to see into their own eternal soul.

Extreme drug use is also an abyss. For example, Heroin would be an abyss experience. If you do enough you will lose control over your body but your mind is more free to relax from pain and stress. [not recommended tho].

The abyss settings that I am most drawn to are the ones that present themselves as underwater waterfalls. It’s a form of exhilaration that I feel when I imagine being down there. No, I can’t even swim. Of course it is God’s will in my life that allows for my bravery to be present in my imagination.

It seems easy to be brave in your imagination but it is not. For some reason and probably more reasons, God sees the limits that people put on their minds. He can show you all the signs that you’re on the right path, doing the right thing, and still you will doubt. It’s not all your fault. We live in a “I got bills to pay” world.


God could even speak to you in person and a majority of you would still be afraid or would still have doubts.

Jesus said, “happy are those who believe without seeing me.”

But it’s beginning to seem like not many people believe that God is around in a face to face context. Even people who believe they are God’s “PET” still imagine God as an energy in a far away abyss. God could have given you his phone number and you’d say “Is it really him?!”

GOD will visit you in the abyss of our souls.

But when He looks into the abyss of most of these souls on Earth – He doesn’t like it there.

For the ones who He does like – He has sent the Holy Spirit and they still doubt because they still have limits on what they expect from God.

It’s not a critique on anyone but it makes me feel lonely. Thankfully I have God and Jesus as my best friends. But where are the people who I can talk to freely about God? Who wants to talk about what God’s voice sounds like? or what instruments remind Him of what elements? That’s why God has given me my son, I believe. His name literally means “promised by God” anyway lol.

God likes to talk to me because We like to talk about the same things. I can hear God and He is thankful to have created someone like me. All glory goes to GOD tho, I am overwhelmed with the thoughts and ideas and combinations that God tells me. He whispers His secrets to me because he loves me. He loves me because I like to spread HIS word, I like to talk about His creations, and the abyss of past depression has allowed God to see into my soul.

I’ve been through judgment day – judged down to the atoms in my soul and lucky for me I passed!

And so I am a true Aerial. Remember when my name was Star? I can see from the sky. I can look down across beautiful islands and see the abyss of underwater waterfalls.

Outer space is another abyss – the abyss of which we have all come from on a soul level.

From the point of view of this Ariel, The solar system is a puzzle. It needs to be put together so that the system will work in harmony. It doesn’t matter who believes this – it is the truth of our galactic existence. You can look at the world and see how it is. Look into your hearts and ask yourself, does this world feel like a system that is working?

And then, who is going to put it right as it should be? God, is the answer. And Jesus. And their Helper, the Holy Spirit. It’s the compassion and care of The Holy Spirit that is the strongest component to trying to solve the puzzle. Otherwise God would say Fuck This Place and burn it all down. LOL. It’s funny but I’m not joking. But remember – Jesus and The Holy Spirit are just names and titles. GOD is ALMIGHTY and the only ONE.

Someone told me that everyone doesn’t have the same relationship with God that I do so here are some things about God – HE is funny. He has dry humor LOL he is so SWEET and compassionate! He sees His creations in combinations. His love is so unmatched by anything else. I aim to love myself as much as God loves me but that would be impossible because GOD is limitless. God is also tired and wants to rest. Have you read all the adventures of the OLD testament? That’s a lot for one creator to go though. I want to Hug God and hold him close and protect Him from that kind of pain. The pain of people loving him and then abandoning Him. The ones who go to church and talk about each other instead of talking about GOD. They say that they Love God but they don’t really trust Him. I know what it’s like and I know how God feels (if even only a portion of his depth of knowledge). I have been through a lot and I’m here for GOD first and foremost. and then I’ve written so much website content that I think even maybe I can rest for a while, too.

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