I’ve been having a deep spiritual moment for the past 3-6 months. It keeps getting deeper, especially after realizing Jesus the Christ is also Lord God Almighty!

I want to tell you all about the spiritual journey BUT I also want to get to the point of this post so here we go

The title is: How to hear The Voice of God (in your head!) Using a Holy Bible

There are 2 levels to hearing The Voice of The Lord

Level 1 – The Voice while you read the Bible

Level 2 – Level 1 and other times too

The requirement is that you’ll read the Holy Bible.

Level 2 is completely up to The Lord and His relationship hanging out with you!

Have you read the Holy Bible before?

Many of the Old Testament stories are people who were stubborn and mean to God but The Lord usually helped them anyway.

And God was pleased when everyone respectfully recognized Him as Almighty.

The Voice of God may be considered a frequency. When you read the Holy Bible, The Lord hears you.

So I suggest that you read parts of the Holy Bible that show God being happy 🙂

And then read the parts where God is an angry blaze of fire ready to destroy!

I used the above examples because that is easily accessible for everyone to try.

And so that is how you will be able to hear Gods voice in your head. If it is THE LORDS WILL His voice will be unmistakably Holy.


If it doesn’t work immediately, practice patience and trust The Lord. People have been mean to God in the past so He and Jesus judge your heart to see how they will proceed with you.

The intensity of The Voice varies according to your relationship with The Lord. If you can feel His Love and love Him sincerely, u should be good. Clear your head probably.

GOD uses very strong language and it’s heavy sometimes.

This will make me sound like a pansy but – even seeing the word ‘Evil’ will repel me from reading particular verses! The “Fear of God” words are like daggers. But the “Love of God” words are like emoji pillows. Lol

God IS pleased with me and I am so humbled.

So I humbly offer the suggestion of “Read the Bible” to get closer to God.

Remember when I wrote that you can get closer to God by thinking about Him? It’s like that.

Read a Holy Bible chapter that starts “THE LORD SAID” and read what He says. The entire book is God’s words. I learned today that he trusted the prophets to write the books. And so I have to give a shout out to the Prophet Moses too. He wrote 5 books in the Holy Bible! The first ones! Ayeee Go Moses!

So for God to talk to you at other times
You really should ASK GOD!

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