There is a train track near my house and every time I hear it, I think “don’t stop believing.” Which is actually a good manifestation to be putting into the universe over and over again.

Sometimes, in my mind, I’ll see more when I hear the train pass. I’ll see some small town girl, such as myself, grabbing onto the train and letting it take us away into the glittery and exciting

Yes, I have a very vivid imagination. It gets even more so when I let the train take me places.

One time I envisioned that the train took me to the many islands near Grenada. It was beautiful. I was leftover considering why there is no train system that span islands?

And then I thought – Maybe sand is too soft to build a bridge over?

But then also remember – when bridges are build, they drill down into the bedrock so that there is a solid foundation.

How did I get from Virginia, USA to building a bridge in the tropical islands ?

The Midnight Train.

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