We made some Easter Eggs!

It’s my son and I’s first Easter this year as Christians!

We were in the store getting supplies and happened to see an egg decorating kit on sale for $1! So we bought it, along with a dozen eggs 🙂

I am wondering how Easter will be this year. The Lord has some things in The Holy Bible that would make it somewhat easy to follow his guidelines when it comes to honoring The Lord.

Luckily the Old Testament is for our *learning and example* so it seems that we can choose which customs we want to do to honor The Lord.

I didn’t see a mention of Easter Eggs in the Bible but God will probably be pleased with us if we do decorate some WITH LOVE and use arts and colors.

Pretty homemade Easter Eggs 2020

If you’re against physical eggs you can always just draw on paper and then you could REALLY get creative with the designs.

As far as biblical honors, I’ll probably make some unleavened bread for Easter for us to enjoy. I could probably make some sweet, like a shortbread. And then some savory with black pepper seasonings.

Another reason I am looking forward to Easter 2020 is that I will have completed the Nazirine Vow by that time. Although I have been living the vow for months now, I only became aware of it in the beginning of March. So by April 12, that vow will be complete and it’ll be a refreshing moment – spiritually – for me and my son (if he doesn’t cut his hair before then).

If I can be iconoclastic for a moment, I’d say that the Nazirine Vow should be a great option for anyone who wants to be close to God.

The Lord says that the vow is to “Separate ourselves unto The Lord.” And so I can’t think of anyone else who I would want to be closer to than The Lord.

The hardest part of the vow would be the No Alcohol part. However I’ve had enough alcohol in my early 20’s that I am fine to no longer indulge in it anymore.

However, the Lord is so forgiving that even if someone breaks a Nazirine Vow, they can still re-do it and become God’s person again. Within reason lol

Anyway, that’s all for this post. Thank you for reading.

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