Healthy Choice Green Goddess Power Bowl Review

Eating this Green Goddess Power Bowl made me feel so good, like I was making a healthy choice. Which I see is also the name. The name is accurate.

There are all kinds of healthy goodies in this. Beans, rice, quinoa, broccoli, zucchini, edamame…

But all the healthy veggies don’t really matter if it tastes bad.

But this doesn’t taste bad; not at all.

The texture is similar to a stir-fry, just a little more ‘wet’. Which is great, its not dry at all.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this ‘saucy’ but I would call it flavorful.

Of course I added salt and pepper.

This is great for someone who genuinely enjoys the healthy taste of vegetables. It’s refreshing and tasty. I’d gladly eat another one of these bowls.

The price is okay too. It was a little under $4, I think. So it would be costly to eat one every day but it’s reasonable for every once in a while.

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