Yummy Gardein Breakfast Bowl Review !

When I was eating this Gardein Breakfast Bowl, I felt really thankful for the meal. Read the description:

Potatoes, meatless sausage, scrambled “egg”, mushrooms, asparagus, and a vegan hollandaise sauce.

I loved this microwave breakfast. I could have easily eaten a double portion of it. Right away, if I had more. So, they could have added more for the bowl.

It was exactly like I wanted the taste to be. Saucy and veggie with tasty sausage and interesting “eggs”. I did add some black pepper but other than that it didn’t need anything!

Gardein Breakfast Bowls had 2 other flavors available at Walmart too. I went with this one because of the hollandaise sauce. I’ll try the other flavors next time.

Without hesitation, I’d eat this every day for breakfast and probably for lunch and dinner too (I am a breakfast all day kinda gal …)

But, the price will hold me back from doing such a thing. This was close to $4 for one bowl. Compared to a fancy coffee a day, the expense is likely the same.

If I could make a suggestion for packaging, I’d bag these with 4-servings per pack. Instead of a bowl, we could scoop out our desired amount and heat it up like that. This suggestion comes 100% from the fact that in just want more Gardein Breakfast Bowl. I really, really liked it.

I’d score this a 10 out of 10!

The only thing that would make eating this more enjoyable is if it came with a biscuit on the side 🙂

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