Review | Pizza Hut Beyond Sausage Pizza

The only thing that is a bit of a let down is actually the cheese. Imagine – just imagine – how really amazing this whole thing would be if the cheese was vegan like the sausage! I’m sure many more people would be excited about it. I mean, sure, you can order a veggie pizza with just sauce and no cheese but cheese is a main ingredient in pizza.

The pizza that I purchased cost almost $17 for 8 slices, half mushrooms.

I can’t lie, it was worth the money. Not that I would pay $17 every time I wanted some pizza. But this time I was paying for a new vegetarian experience, convenience, taste, and something to be excited with my son about.

If you’ve had Beyond Sausage before then you’ll know the flavor. It has a bit of a fennel flavor profile. The sausage was also in fairly large chunks, which I found to be pleasant. However, if it was in a smaller ground beef-like pieces, I think it would be even more flavor packed per bite.

Anyway, I really liked this pizza. If someone were to say “let me buy you a pizza”, this is the one I’d get! Minus the side of mushrooms, though!

Sidenote: I didn’t get the contactless curbside option because I was paying with cash. The cashier met me at the door, took my money and then came back with the cash change and the pizza (plus plates!) And then, it was a windy night and the dollar bills I received blew away in the wind. I told my son “Get the money!” and he went running to find it LOL and then, the people in the cars around us stared, too. That was fun. We did retrieve the cash back though 🙂

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