Who introduced my kid to Dragon Ball Z? The world may never know. Since he’s into it, I saw a few episodes recently and I heard something inspirational in it during one of the fight scenes.

Did you realize that one fight scene can span 2 or 3 episodes? Well in one, Goku’s god power has dwindled and he was falling back to Earth. It looked like he lost the fight. But then, Goku was back in the fight and do you know what he said? I have to paraphrase because my recall memory stinks. But he essentially said this:

“The fight is not over because I can still move. And since I can move that means that I didn’t give it all that I have.”

I’m sure it was much stronger out of Goku’s mouth than it is written above but the point still remains.

If there is anything worth fighting for then keep fighting for it with everything you’ve got!

Also something else I didn’t realize about Dragon Ball Z – Did you know that Goku has a wife and a son? And his son is grown and has his own wife and baby? Geez, who knew? Goku has to be in his 40’s. So that’s cool that he is still fighting and still getting better.

P.S The cover art is a drawing that my son did of Goku. He’s getting pretty good with his hart, if I do say so myself 🙂 *proud mom*

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