As a dog lover but not a dog owner, my son and I have to get our doggy fix when we see random dogs in state parks. lol. It’s not as weird as it sounds.

Often, we’ll see enthusiastic dogs on a leash, leading their owners down a park trail or a hiking trail.

The owners will usually pull their doggy to the side to increase space between us and them so that, just in case we don’t like dogs, the dog won’t impose their happiness on us.

But then,


when the dog looks at us in a friendly way,

the words, “Can we pet your dog?” will escape.

And then seconds later, the dog’s leash will be loosened and the friendly dog will be under our hands! These dogs are usually so soft and well taken care of!

I like this experience because everyone seems happy – the owners don’t mind sharing their dog for 1 or 2 minutes, my son and I meet a new dog and learn their name, and the dog gets some kind words and pets! It’s an overall win!

Once someone who had a huge dog told me, “Maybe you’ll get your own dog one day.” LOL I know right?! But until I get a proper yard, I think I’ll just enjoy random dogs instead 🙂

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