Okay this one is a little personal – not because my legs got itchy but because that phenomenon shows just how out of shape I have been lately. I’ll explain –

Google says that having itchy legs when working out (or walking in my case) happens when the capillaries (veins) in the legs start to open up and get exposed to more oxygen. “With consistent exercise,” the experts say, “You legs will stop itching in no time.”

I burst out laughing when I read that to my son. “My legs itch because I’m out of shape!” I exclaimed.

It’s true, too. I used to go for walks every day and then we’d hike some kind of hilly terrain once a week or every 2 weeks.

For the month of December, my physical activity took a real nose dive. And my body got out of shape.

I’m not a crazy fitness person – all I do are some yoga stretches and walk LOL But that works out good for me.

The itchy legs really SUCK. It’s uncomfortable. Yesterday when it happened, I had resolved to walk for at least 1 hour and the itchiness started about 30 minutes into it.

And then afterward I took a shower with coconut milk Dove soap and it was so nice. And then I put on some body oil afterward to stay moisturized.

In conclusion, next time I think it’s okay to take an extended break from physical fitness, I’ll keep this situation in mind and then get my ass up and go for a walk 🙂

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