I’m Nadirah and one thing about me is that I am an intensely curious individual. I like to ask questions and discover facts about the many topics that I find interesting. Being a writer is fun in this way, but that is not all that I do. I work full-time, I paint, I play video games. I also check out more books from the public library than I actually have time to read.

Thank you for visiting my website. It was started in 2017 as a place to sell my self-published books. Nowadays though, I do not sell anything and my books are no longer in print. There is so much content that I’ve written in this website, though, that I did compile a lot of it into this 209 page book that can be found here on Amazon. It uses Amazon’s print on demand services so I do not handle any of the shipping. If you are interested in my writing but don’t want to click around here for hours, that book is for you 🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading. Have a good day 🙂

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