Hydrogen Infused Water (HFACTOR) Review

The journey to try things that are new or different has encouraged me to give HFACTOR Hydrogen Infused Water a try.

For $1.98 a pouch, it seemed a reasonable price to try something like this once. However, in my opinion, it would have to be pretty special for me to buy it on repeat.

So, how was it?

HFACTOR Hydrogen Infused Water

Well first let me say that I’m not exactly the target customer. The target being an athlete and/or someone who recently finished working out. I did some light bed yoga earlier but mostly, I was just an average person who was thirsty.

So, I chilled it off and then had a cup of it to drink.

Taste wise, they had a flavored version and a plain. I went with the plain so I wont complain about how it tasted – I chose the bland one.

I naturally am drawn to spring water. I love spring water and sometimes, if it ain’t spring water, I dont want it.

This is not spring water. It tasted like regular purified water. Which was fine but … anyway. Did it make me feel any different?

That’s a no for me, too.

I drank this water and then the day carried on as normal.

My son had some and he drank his really fast and then that was it.

Maybe if I were an athlete, this review would be more exciting and/or credible. But as it stands, this was just normal, more costly water for me.

And the studies on the website do make it seem like this is like ultra water. I think, to give it a fair chance, I’d have to drink this water exclusively for maybe 2 or 3 days. Then I’d know if I felt a big difference.

Yummy Gardein Breakfast Bowl Review !

Having someone prepare a delicious breakfast for you is one of my top 5 life experiences. Eating something fulfilling and satisfying without having to chop or cook anything yourself is just the best!

When I was eating this Gardein Breakfast Bowl, I felt really thankful for the meal. Read the description:

Potatoes, meatless sausage, scrambled “egg”, mushrooms, asparagus, and a vegan hollandaise sauce.

I loved this microwave breakfast. I could have easily eaten a double portion of it. Right away, if I had more. So, they could have added more for the bowl.

It was exactly like I wanted the taste to be. Saucy and veggie with tasty sausage and interesting “eggs”. I did add some black pepper but other than that it didn’t need anything!

Gardein Breakfast Bowls had 2 other flavors available at Walmart too. I went with this one because of the hollandaise sauce. I’ll try the other flavors next time.

Without hesitation, I’d eat this every day for breakfast and probably for lunch and dinner too (I am a breakfast all day kinda gal …)

But, the price will hold me back from doing such a thing. This was close to $4 for one bowl. Compared to a fancy coffee a day, the expense is likely the same.

If I could make a suggestion for packaging, I’d bag these with 4-servings per pack. Instead of a bowl, we could scoop out our desired amount and heat it up like that. This suggestion comes 100% from the fact that in just want more Gardein Breakfast Bowl. I really, really liked it.

I’d score this a 10 out of 10!

The only thing that would make eating this more enjoyable is if it came with a biscuit on the side 🙂

Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water Review

I like energy drinks. Yes. I do.

I like energy drinks – how about you?

They’re even better when they’re sugar free and still tasty, like this Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water.

Even better? Vitamin fortified.

Not just a measly 5% vitamin C, we have 100% the daily value of Vitamin D, A, C, E, Niacin, B6, B12 and Niacin.

So yeah, I felt good about drinking this.

I’ve had sparking caffeine water before and non-compared to this one.

Taste-wise, it was refreshing and lightly flavored. It doesnt have any sugar and honestly it does not need any either.

The caffeine was top tier too. After a few sips, it really kicked in and then I drank half the can and I was borderline jittery. But, that’s likely because I didn’t have anything to eat. Caffeine on an empty stomach is not really recommended.

But the energy lasted about 4 hours and it was just what I needed to take care of business today 🙂

As noted here, I’m already a fan of the other SUNSHINE Good Energy drinks. They are really tasty.

If I had to choose one drink by this brand, I’d go with the Sparking Energy Water. Its just my style. And it is really good over ice 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Healthy Choice Green Goddess Power Bowl Review

Man, how refreshing is it to buy a healthy and plant-based frozen dinner.

It’s very refreshing!

Eating this Green Goddess Power Bowl made me feel so good, like I was making a healthy choice. Which I see is also the name. The name is accurate.

There are all kinds of healthy goodies in this. Beans, rice, quinoa, broccoli, zucchini, edamame…

But all the healthy veggies don’t really matter if it tastes bad.

But this doesn’t taste bad; not at all.

The texture is similar to a stir-fry, just a little more ‘wet’. Which is great, its not dry at all.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this ‘saucy’ but I would call it flavorful.

Of course I added salt and pepper.

This is great for someone who genuinely enjoys the healthy taste of vegetables. It’s refreshing and tasty. I’d gladly eat another one of these bowls.

The price is okay too. It was a little under $4, I think. So it would be costly to eat one every day but it’s reasonable for every once in a while.

Be R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y





Attitudes –




Something that separates royal/regal people from the commoners, other than the advantages that come from a classist system, is the attitudes that they have.

Often times, the ones known as commoners are instilled with the values of hard work while also having a keen understanding of how disappointment feels like. People in this situation have happiness, of course. In a way, if they are truly happy, the feelings would be stronger because it comes from what they have inside of them instead of what they have around them.

An attitude of royalty is available to all of us, we just have to forget the feeling of disappointment as quickly as we can.

There is truth to be found in the journey of having a happy inner child.

We are going to dissect the R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y acronym to provide some clarity to this situation.

R– Release. For true happiness, releasing things is a must because holding on to too many things is guaranteed to weigh you down.

O– Old in this instance refers to a situation that no longer serves you in a positive way. It’s just there, collecting dust and possibly sucking up energy that could be used in other ways.

Y– Young ways of looking at things can be an underdeveloped perspective. Some may even use the word immature.

A -Attitudes are the way that we look at things or, the way that we present our personality to others using our words and behaviors. To have a royal and happy life, we need to release our young and/or immature attitudes and thought patterns. We can’t cry when we don’t get out way or exhibit other behaviors that are reminiscent of a child who didn’t get their way.

L– Living is the main thing that all of us on Earth have in common. We live in different ways but the important part: We Live. We can live sadly; we can live happily. If you’re reading this book, then I’ll bet that you’re interested in the latter.

T-Thoughtfully consider where you want to be in life. Going with the flow is cool for people who have a pleasant or successful flow in life. But if your flow patterns reflect a loss of focus or a tendency to failure over and over again, then it is time for you to behave more thoughtfully. That is, if you’re truly interested in living a different, happier kind of life.

Y– Youthful environments are healthy. That’s where your inner child thrives and finds joy in water balloon fights or coloring a pretty picture. Having fun in youthful activities doesn’t make you immature in any way. If anything, it makes it easier for you to feel like Royalty because in those youthful moments, you are free to release old feelings that don’t feel good. You can let go of past disappointment and truly be in the moment.

The wisdom of your age will allow you to select the youthful activities that do your life the greater good. So if you don’t feel good playing with water balloons, don’t force yourself to get your clothes wet anyway if that’s going to make you feel uncomfortable.

             The last thing that you want to do is reject an activity because of the fact that children also engage in it. You have to have a better reason than that, at least.

A Huge Apology To Some Eating Disorder People

Cruising eating disorder forums is an activity I’ve done ever since I was active on Xanga and had a LiveJournal page. Being a naturally thin person, people could assume that I had an eating disorder. It definitely looks like I would but NO. My issue is, that I used to have, is disordered eating in the form of binge eating.

So anyway, Xanga and LiveJournal are no longer a big thing. Many of them moved to Tumblr (I didn’t). LUCKILY we also have Reddit to fill those needs. For the most part. And I’m sure many people from those sites would agree with me.

As far as my presence on Reddit – I love it sometimes and other times I will not visit the site for months. Right now, I don’t have the app on my phone so I don’t randomly cruise the site.

Most recently though, in fall 2019, I was on Reddit. and I liked the Eating Disorder support page because I could relate to some of the funny stuff and the memes! I also like the food haul pictures that people posted. because I love food pictures.

And then, since I was a binge eater, I also love seeing low-calorie foods that I can binge on without feeling like I ate a pound of butter.

I also like sugar-free foods. Which is part of the point of this post.

In some of the grocery shopping haul posts – I’d say a good majority – THERE ARE SO MANY SODAS. Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi… I felt like a snob because I am VEHEMENTLY AGAINST diet soda. I hate aspartame, which is a main ingredient in those diet sodas.

That bias I had against diet soda extended into a snobby distaste of Monster energy drinks too.

Now don’t get me wrong (and this is where the hypocrisy comes in), I love energy drinks. I’ve loved them since I was in High School. Red Bull was my favorite because the cans are smaller. Monster drinks and Rockstar drinks came in huge ass cans that I felt was too much. And then I can’t front like they’re healthy so I’m not even going to go there because I still drink energy drinks. As a matter of fact, I drink more now than I did at any other of time of my life.

That brings me to the foundation of this post.

Eating disorder food haul pictures commonly include several cans of Monster Energy Drinks. In particular, the WHITE CAN OF MONSTER ENERGY. It’s ZERO – which means no sugar (!) and no calories.

When I say several cans, I mean sometimes upwards of 20 cans.

And I’d judge all those cans.

I’d judge like this: “Dang. With an eating disorder, a person’s body is nutritionally deficient. These energy drinks and soda’s already leech minerals from the body and drinking so many of them is not healthy.”

Judgmental yes, but from a good place of genuine concern. My body is not as healthy as I’d like for it to be and I eat all kinds of food. I just imagine that people who only consume 800 calories a day would have a challenge to have a complete nutritional profile.

To quote God, he says that the way that we judge other people is how we will be judged.

And I judged these people for buying so many energy drinks but I’ll tell you the truth – I 10000% understand now.

Like I said, I drink more energy drinks now than before. Partially because I work an office job that requires me to be alert at 8am LOL

I usually buy them one or two at a time.

But now with covid-19 and social distancing, I make it a point to go to the store as less as possible.

And since I function well with energy drinks, I plan to supply my caffeine addiction for the next week by purchasing energy drinks.

Many MONSTER drinks, actually.

The ones in the white can.

There are so many flavors but those eating disordered ladies and gentlemen really have a good point when they say that the white one is the best one.

I’ll get another flavor or two to mix it up but the important part is the part that says ZERO. I ignore all the chemical ingredients. lol

And so the apology I have for those that purchase many cans of Monster drinks is this:

I humbly apologize for judging you for buying a lot of energy drinks at a time. I understand now that it is more convenient to make large purchases at the same time because sometimes it is necessary to drink an energy drink every day.

In addition, I pray to The LORD that the energy drink God will supply us with the energy that we need and will leave all of our minerals in our body’s. In addition, I also hope that the added vitamins and minerals that are added to the +-300mg of caffeine really add health to our bodies.

Although I have no personal contact with anyone on disordered eating forums, I hope that this apology is well received regardless of who actually reads it.

Honestly, this confession is something that many of my own personal friends would be surprised to hear – that I consume disordered eating content. However, I write this out for ME and to avoid being a hypocrite in my own eyes.

And now, I need to run to the store soon to stock up on more energy drinks.

Sidenote: Monster JUICE just doesn’t have the same impact as the carbonated drinks. And BANG energy is probably my favorite just because the caffeine seems to hit faster than anything else I’ve experienced. The Cotton Candy flavor Bang is delicious.

Also: Hot coffee is severely outdated. I LOVE the Kurieg machine at work though and I am thankful that is is always available. That’s the beauty of Hot Coffee – the affordability and the availability.

Anyway, this is the end. Check out these other posts on energy if you’re interested.

Bing Energy Drinks!

Inspired content from God

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