Words from God’s Daughter

Hey! Welcome to my site. This place is full of articles, reviews, and advice that come from the heart of someone so special to God.

If this is the first time you’ve visited here & you are on this page first, too, then I’m curious about how you’ve come up here. Most of my views come in through the side via articles published that are searched for.

I believe there to be around 300 posts! I’ve tried so many layouts to make everything easy to find but it never works out right.

It seems to me that The Lord, My God, desires for it to be this way. The Holy Spirit is in everything that I create and everyone is not able to spend that time with Her. If you are, you can find all my content for free via search topics, tags, etc.

If you’d like the content without having to search for it, almost everything on this site (minus the food reviews) is found here in this book. It’s only $11 because the formatting is wonky and I haven’t had the chance to update it. When I do, the price is going to increase 🙂

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