What are Easy Light Sources?

The short answer is… anything that brings light into your life. What is light? Energy that refreshes you, comforts you, makes you feel better, makes you HAPPY. or content. Peaceful, at the very least….

There are many definitions; find the one that best suits you!

The easiest Light Sources can be found in spreading kindness, physically moving your body, meditating and eating Earth Foods everyday.

Yes, plants. More specifically, fruits, vegetables and other foods that are also considered plants. Food is fundamental to life and that makes it easy to incorporate plant foods into your regular food/meals.

Earth Foods Are Light

There are several meanings of the word light, depending on how you look at it. In the literal sense, plant foods are light because they are usually easier on your body to digest. Thus, they are light!

Eating light is not only good for your digestive system, all other systems of your body benefit when you eat light. As they say, you are what you eat…

Easy Light Sources promotes bringing light into your life through the foods that you eat. More specifically, the foods that come from the Earth like cauliflower, tomatoes, and peaches.

There are so many fun & delicious things that can be done with these foods. Gone are the days of boiling vegetables to death or – even worse – scooping it out of a can and calling it dinner.

The expansive flavor profiles of Earth foods, paired with the numerous cooking and preparation techniques available, mean that that possibilities are truly endless! The only limits are your creativity and patience level.

While becoming vegan would be nice for the animals, it is not a requirement for the intents and purposes of this site. Really, I just want people to eat more fruits and vegetables. The human body and mind operates better with regular consumption of fresh, healthy foods.

If you, dear reader, feel like you can get down with this vision, check out the various articles on produce (fruits and vegetables) that are available on this website to help you get started.

About the creator:

Easy Light Sources was started by Nadirah Khalifah, in 2017. After growing tired of an ongoing battle with depression, I began to notice how what I consumed had an effect on how I felt. Being a plant-foodie, sweet and fresh fruits and vegetables always brought a smile to my face. But during the times when my depression swung to an all time low, those were the periods of time where my consumption of fresh foods were also at an all time now.

Contact: NaeKhalifah@gmail

Stay tuned for more information on our free flashlights for families initiative.

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