Hydrogen Infused Water (HFACTOR) Review

The journey to try things that are new or different has encouraged me to give HFACTOR Hydrogen Infused Water a try. For $1.98 a pouch, it seemed a reasonable price to try something like this once. However, in my opinion, it would have to be pretty special for me to buy it on repeat. So,Continue reading “Hydrogen Infused Water (HFACTOR) Review”

Yummy Gardein Breakfast Bowl Review !

Having someone prepare a delicious breakfast for you is one of my top 5 life experiences. Eating something fulfilling and satisfying without having to chop or cook anything yourself is just the best! When I was eating this Gardein Breakfast Bowl, I felt really thankful for the meal. Read the description: Potatoes, meatless sausage, scrambledContinue reading “Yummy Gardein Breakfast Bowl Review !”

Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water Review

I like energy drinks. Yes. I do. I like energy drinks – how about you? They’re even better when they’re sugar free and still tasty, like this Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water. Even better? Vitamin fortified. Not just a measly 5% vitamin C, we have 100% the daily value of Vitamin D, A, C, E, Niacin,Continue reading “Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water Review”

Healthy Choice Green Goddess Power Bowl Review

Man, how refreshing is it to buy a healthy and plant-based frozen dinner. It’s very refreshing! Eating this Green Goddess Power Bowl made me feel so good, like I was making a healthy choice. Which I see is also the name. The name is accurate. There are all kinds of healthy goodies in this. Beans,Continue reading “Healthy Choice Green Goddess Power Bowl Review”

Be R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y

R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y Releasing Old Young Attitudes – Living Thoughtfully Youthful Something that separates royal/regal people from the commoners, other than the advantages that come from a classist system, is the attitudes that they have. Often times, the ones known as commoners are instilled with the values of hard work while also having a keen understanding ofContinue reading “Be R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y”

A Huge Apology To Some Eating Disorder People

Cruising eating disorder forums is an activity I’ve done ever since I was active on Xanga and had a LiveJournal page. Being a naturally thin person, people could assume that I had an eating disorder. It definitely looks like I would but NO. My issue is, that I used to have, is disordered eating inContinue reading “A Huge Apology To Some Eating Disorder People”