Holiday Anxiety – Wanna Be Startin Somethin’?

I’m getting rid of all anxiety. Interestingly enough, social anxiety has been the easiest to live without. But this American Thanksgiving is bringing up some stress. As the head cook in my household, any Thanksgiving meal that my family will enjoy will be generated from my own two hands. Although it’s worth noting – myContinue reading “Holiday Anxiety – Wanna Be Startin Somethin’?”

Persistence Is The Name Of The Game (tips)

Keep trying is the name of the game. Not in a dumb way – you will probably have to make some adjustments along the journey to being successful and fulfilled. Getting stuck in one way of doing life can lead to a long road of going the wrong way. BUT if you know you’re notContinue reading “Persistence Is The Name Of The Game (tips)”

Let’s get this sad holiday post out of the way right now!

One main reason I want to share this is because the holiday season is a lonely season for many people. Possibly even some of the readers here. So I’ll share my holiday sad story so that you won’t feel alone. And maybe offer some hope. If I can still be happy and joyous during the winter holidays, you can too! And not just during the holidays but especially during this season.