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Animals Are A Light Source

After typing the title, I realized that animals only receive a rare mention here.

True, we are a plant-based website. And food doesn’t mix well with animals. If you find out someone lets their family pet on the counter, the idea of eating food prepared by that person is anti-appetizing.

Pets are a Light Source, though. There’s really zero doubt about it. Therapy animals are a thing.

Dogs can be very sweet animals. So can cats.

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Oh my goodness! You think you know someone and then they go and send me something like this smh

Honestly, my friend, he knows I’m in love with fresh and juicy fruit and then he sent me this picture!

I think he was trying to make me jealous πŸ˜‰

Lol, if you haven’t caught on yet:

This is a joke! πŸ™‚

Actually, I am working really hard tonight and I don’t have time to type up anything different at the moment!

To be completely honest, I DO wish I had this fruit plate right in front of me. And I am a teeny bit jealous.

But, my friend, he is actually one of my best friends and he wouldn’t do anything to ever hurt me intentionally. That’s what’s called a GOOD FRIEND.

I have several good friends and that is a true blessing that money cannot buy.