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Red Bull – Winter Edition Review

Arctic Berry is the flavor of this new winter Red Bull flavor.

At first taste, I thought it was mixed berry, with heavy blueberry flavor. It has a very familiar flavor. A quick read on the back of the can says this is raspberry.

The review? It’s…okay. I wouldn’t say it is a new or fresh flavor. It tastes very familiar. One might also say that it tastes boring.

In my opinion, a true winter flavor would be peppermint.

As it stands, The Winter Edition of Red Bull is a standard flavor. For quick energy, yes. Go for it.

If you’re seeking a new and different flavor experience, I’d look elsewhere.

Monster Dragon Tea | Yerba Mate Review (!)

Please, join me in being pleasantly surprised that Monster Energy has released their (in my opinion) healthiest energy drink ever. The Monster Dragon Tea!

As a quick visit to the search bar will show you, I am a fan of Yerba Mate tea as a reliable caffiene source.

Because of my past experiences with Yerba Mate tea made by other brands, I was very excited to see that Monster Energy has made some too.

I was even more excited to have found a full-sized can at the Dollar Tree. Ordinarily, Yerba Mate in this size would run about $2.99 per drink. At $1 per drink, I was very excited to be able to purchase 6 cans without worrying about busting my budget for the week.

But, as we all know, saving money doesnt mean squat if the product you’re buying doesn’t do the job.

So the important question to answer is: “How is Monster Energy Dragon Tea?”

It’s perfect. It’s lovely. Not too sweet. Lightly flavorful. Fast and SMOOTH energy. There’s no jittery come up or unpleasant crash in this can. Just the wonderful experience of Yerba Mate.

Would I buy again? Very much yes. Indeed, I already have -several times. Hopefully the fact they are sold at the Dollar Tree is not an indication that they are being discontinued.

Before ending this article, I’d like to say that I resent the fact that people see me drinking a can with the name Monster on it and they turn their nose up like I’m drinking something unhealthy. Judgmental people like that must resist the urge to jump into their opinions like that. Please. It’s annoying.

This Dragon Tea, though. It’s Fabulous. THANKS MONSTER.

Hydrogen Infused Water (HFACTOR) Review

The journey to try things that are new or different has encouraged me to give HFACTOR Hydrogen Infused Water a try.

For $1.98 a pouch, it seemed a reasonable price to try something like this once. However, in my opinion, it would have to be pretty special for me to buy it on repeat.

So, how was it?