Fetty Wap Honey Jalapeño RAP SNACKS Review

Although sweet and spicy is (arguably) the best flavor combination there is out there, I’m going to create a little suspense on these Honey Jalapeño RAP SNACKS chips. First, you know, just because sweet and spicy usually does taste good, that’s no guarantee that RAP SNACKS has gotten the formula right. They could have madeContinue reading “Fetty Wap Honey Jalapeño RAP SNACKS Review”

Off The EATEN Path Crisps – Taste Review 1

Cool new snacks really get me excited. I saw 5 bags of new crisps at 7-Eleven and I was beyond excited! Out of the 5, only two were dairy-free. Thank goodness for that because they were also 3.79 a bag. I was excited to try these! I’m not particularly fond of rice snacks but theContinue reading “Off The EATEN Path Crisps – Taste Review 1”