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Adventures in Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a diverse vegetable! The best ❤️ Here are some things I recently did with a head of cauliflower:

First I had some fun with it 🌍

Then I separated the florets because I wanted this photo to look this way but also because the cauliflower is getting the roasted treatment.

After this photo I processed it a little further and added to a casserole dish with ingredients:

If you like raw food, the cauliflower food above is ready to eat!

But I had other plans so I roasted in the oven until it cooked like this:

Soooo gooooood you can eat it just like this!

Or you can make into a pasta sauce like I did :

Sorry no pics of the process but for the sauce I blended the roasted cauliflower with almond milk, coconut oil, the spices used in the baked cauliflower, and non-dairy butter. Heat the milk and melt the butter with the other ingredients before combining.

The kale was sauteed well and the mushrooms were a very special treat that only I enjoyed because no one else really eats them. But if you like mushrooms, it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

This was a fun one! Wonder what’s next on the food adventure..

Exclusive – Featured post by H.K. Khalifah

Your SouthSide Community Paper

Media of the Nat Turner Library, Drewryville, VA 23844



Thank you for taking the time to read this section of “The Southside Community Paper.”

Since this is the Number One , it is customary to state a purpose for the paper this edition so:

This will be the 6th journal I have edited over 40 years of publishing. I must say, my primary reason for this one is the same as it was for the first; that is to be a voice for the Black Community. They have a voice but it is rarely heard because there is not an organ to amplify it.

It is Sunday, July 15, maybe 5. Maybe my brother Louis’ birthday. What is a normal Sunday? What was a normal Sunday in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, this century? They were all different in some way. But they were also common in one way: A day when I reflected on or put aside regular routines to devote to prayer or visiting special places only to wind up back at a special place.

In the 1970’s, I may visit Morningside Park… Smoke a joint, exercise, meditate & pray, then re-commit myself to stay on the course that spiritually got me to where I am today. A good place, but not as tranquil as it was returning to my big, oversized apartment at 189 w. 136th street in Harlem. Life was good and meaningful.

In all of the most merciful, most gracious, name of the Creator of ALL persons, places, & things. All praise to Thee for blessing me to be within thy grace at this time, in this place, in my present state of mind.

In this state of mind I am upright to He who originated me but I have been unjust to myself & others as I have not mastered the Laws of MA’AT, the Law of Creation. I’ve made mistakes, so I humbly seek refuge in thee from all my errors & excess mistakes in the state of Amin: the state in which I was created within as a Divine Being.

On this day & forever I will be more mindful in the execution of my words, my acts, as well as my deeds: The Will be uttered as the Divine Being that I am created to be as I take care of my duties & my responsibilities to my children, to my grandchildren, to my future mate, & also to those who meditate at the hour of 8.

On This Day, Bless our intentions, Bless those who are with us & Bless others coming into our experiences at all times, in whatever places – not as we will but surely only if our will is harmonious to thou will & purpose for the tremendous, marvelous, gregarious, glorious, Creator thou has brought into manifestation. Thou know what is in our heart & what is in our minds: Bless  our collective as well as our individual minds that perchance Thou have found us worthy to receive blessings thou has reserved for those who love Thou with our whole heart & strive to do right & reject wrong – ON THIS DAY & ALWAYS.

In all the most beautiful, profound, caring, sharing, & merciful names. Amin.






Thanks Dad, for this lovely contribution to Easy Light Sources.


Easy Light Source: SLEEP

Sleep is a deeper form of meditation. Sleeping gives your mind and body time to rest and heal while at peace.

If your dreams are sound, you’ll wake up refreshed, renewed, and ready.

If you don’t dream, don’t worry about it.

If you wake up feeling drained from your dreams, hmeditation is the answer.

Sleep is one of the easiest light sources!

Getting enough sleep is an essential ingredient to thinking clearly, feeling energized naturally, inner peace, patience, happiness, and more.

Going to bed early is a gift you give yourself.

Drink a glass of water before you consume anything else when you wake up.

Waking up early is also a good idea but it’s not always EASY.

Please be careful with sleep aids. While they will force-shut down your mind,

Being able to fall asleep is a valuable skill to have.

Anxiety, insomnia, etc are disorders. It’s not okay if you feel bad because of those things. Be careful what energies you claim into your life experience. Don’t give in. You can overcome anything.

Bottom line:

Shout-out to Legendary Khalifah 💛

Coconut Chips – (chocolate?!)

Coconut isn’t so bad..

For years, my abhorrence of coconut was narrowed down to my intense dislike of the “dry crunch” experience that Coconut brought to my mouth.

Now I must admit, writing that opener was tough, given the fact that I actually like coconut now.

All of it; I like all coconut.

Even the shredded coconut that they add sugar to in the baking aisle.

Coconut flour is a little weird though.. and I’d just rather not use it. I mean, it’s like a sponge. It will ruin the texture of things. Lots of things.

Sorry to put negative energy out on coconut like this! So we’ll switch it up:

These are a delicious snack. They’re sweet and crunchy and filling, especially if you eat the entire bag (2 servings per bag).

Wash em down with this:

This coconut water is really good but I was so disappointed to find out that there is sugar added 😦 bummer.

Okay, and then what about this chocolate flavor:

Chocolate coconut chips
chocolate is proving itself to be one of those things that go with everything 🙂

These chocolate coconut chips are so fabulous! Crunchy and chocolate-y.

I was definitely skeptical but, looking back, what was I worried about 🙂

I recommend coconut snacks because : They’re natural, high in fiber and flavorful! They’re also affordable – all of the snacks featured in this post can be found at the Dollar Tree.

Gnarly Avocado

Remember the creepy food from the yay avocado segment on Easy Light Sources Radio ep 2 ?

It turns out that Tamuredah DID have a copy of that old fruit!

She still had the picture! Give thanks for Cloud storage 😁

I haven’t even responded to Tam’s last text message yet bcuz I don’t want to open the text convo and see the picture.

Let me quickly psyche myself up & remind that I’m strong and brave and the avocado is a natural thing. It’s not that gross.

Here it is:


Easy Light Source: Chlorophyll

If you’re visiting this page from the Easy Light Sources radio show then some of this may sound familiar. However, we all know that important information is worth repeating 🙂

(Click here for more information and a break down on health benefits)

Let’s talk about chlorophyll for a moment, please. We need to bring chlorophyll back into Health conversations because this natural substance does so much to benefit the human body.

You want to talk about an Easy Light Source? Well chlorophyll is a pigment substance sort of like plasma that lives in Plants. The primary objective of chlorophyll is to absorb sunlight, if you didn’t know. Chlorophyll is also the source of color for green vegetation fruits and vegetables. okay. at this point there are literally a million things I could say on chlorophyll right now. Please look up Photosynthesis to find out how Chlorophyll provides life and sustinance to plants.
It is important to know how good it is for your body and how to consume it. To prevent an over load of information in tonight’s show, the text of this segment as well as links of information can be found in the new post on chlorophyll on
Chlorophyll can be found in raw form just by walking outside but when it comes to consuming, the choices are varied and refined – like a package of spring mix salad at the grocery store or even further processed into a liquid supplement, like the chlorophyll my mom Sister Reda provided for us. It was in a bottle from Nature’s Sunshine.
A serving was meant to be diluted with water but drinking it straight allows you to have the full flavor, if you like it like that; it’s not sweet. If you do drink it straight, make sure you still follow it down with a cup of water.
With leafy greens and veggies like green peppers, zucchini, okra, and others.. the naturally occurring hydration of water directly accompanies the chlorophyll found in whole, fresh foods.
Whatever your problem, Earth foods have inside of them the vitamins and minerals that fit within our body so perfectly. If you would like to incorporate some green Earth Foods into your diet, the Easy Light Sources Food Guide is a resource that makes it easy for you the food guide information on 18 fruits and vegetables including the green food cucumbers, asparagus, and avocados. The food guide is available at BUY ONE TODAY 🙂