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Lift Off Energy Review + Video

The search of health-friendly energy drinks has lead me to Lift Off Effervescent Energy Tablets by Herbalife.

I have no associations with Herbalife and I receive no benefits for this review. My opinions come exclusively from purchasing this product and trying it on my own accord.

I felt the need to say that because I actually really enjoy this product.

Here are some pros:

  • Easy to prepare
  • Tasty flavor
  • Zero grams sugar
  • No artificial colors or flavor
  • High in vitamin C, B-vitamins, and more.
  • No jittery feeling
  • The diuretic effects of caffeine were non-existent (for me)

However, no review would be fair without listing some cons as well (because there are few things on Earth that are all glitter and sunshine):

  • Only 10 tablets per box
  • A couple of hard to pronounce ingredients


I’m actually really trying to think of something that I don’t like about Lift Off Energy Tablets and my mind is drawing a blank.

The energy buzz I’ve gotten from these is smooth, good energy with no crash.

During my through testing process, I’ve drank this concoction during different times of the day.


In the morning when I’m most sluggish, these don’t really give me a JOLT. But that’s because no energy supplements can really substitute for a solid night of sleep.

During the afternoon, if drank at the right time, the afternoon sleepy slump can be avoided all together.

Late in the evening, when it’s too late for coffee, I wondered if LIFT OFF would prevent me from having a restful night of sleep.

The verdict?

Nope. I can drink one of these in the evening and still sleep soundly 5-6 hours later.

The box says enjoy 1 tablet at a time, up to twice a day.

Something reckless inside of me wanted to test the limits of the “2 a day” but I didn’t push it.

I guess that covers the basic run-down of LIFT OFF. Watch the video to see it in action.

TO PURCHASE, use this link and support the entrepreneurship of a lovely woman.

What are those?! [It’s taro root!]

Taro root vegetables are not in the popular vegetable category in my part of the USA. Which is why when I saw them, I had to grab some.

Taro are brown root vegetables. They’re small, about the size of a golf ball. I scooped up a couple of handfuls and added them to my shopping cart.

At the check-out counter, the cashier flips through her produce code book so she can ring it up.

“What are those??” she asks.

I don’t remember the official name but I tell her taro because I guess I knew all along.

Well, she still can’t find it in the book.

“Yucca?” she asks. The line behind me starts growing and we both notice.

“No…” I answer, fighting the urge to apologize for my grocery choice.

The cashier pauses a moment, then enters the code for kiwis instead. That’s fine with me! 😉

But now that I’m home, what to do with these things? I’ve never had them before.

Well, you know the strategy:

Roasting is key when trying new vegetables.

Although trying new foods raw seem like fun too, the taro was hard like a potato so I didn’t.

I did wash and peel them, and then I cut them into quarters.

Tossed with some olive oil, salt and garlic powder, they cooked as expected.

They look like potatoes, but did they taste like potatoes?


Well, a little. The flavor is mild and kind of sweet.. but different – you can tell it’s not a potato.

I saw a lot of recipes on Pinterest for desserts using Taro and I’d give it a try.

Are you familiar with this root vegetable? Leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Beautiful Beets

Beets are gorgeous!

Not everyone likes beets but they are way more approachable than they appear.

Even people who like beets may not eat them because they can be a pain to prepare. They’ll dye your fingers red. That’s not cool. However, I found out that cooking them before peeling them make the coloring more like a washable marker than a permanent one 🙂

I was pleased to find tgese available. They’re small-ish in size (a little larger than a golf ball), hard like a potato, and the leaves and stems were still kind of vibrant. That’s a win to me!

First, after washing, I removed the stems and admired their beauty. So vibrant and beautiful. ❤️

And then I cooked the beets by boiling them in some water. The water turned red!

I boiled the beets until they were fork tender. Then drained and let them cool until I could hold them in my hand.

When you can hold it, then you can peel it.

I used my hands but you can also rub them with a paper towel. They peel veryyyyy easily. And then they look like this:

I sliced them for ease of use.

My camera phone does not accurately portray the vibrant color of this Earth Food.

By this point, I knew I was going to make the beets into a pasta sauce of sorts. So, in a pot I heated about 2 cups of water, some salt, garlic powder, sauteed onions, olive oil and a little agave.. On the side, I boiled some angel hair pasta.

Using my blender, I processed the water mix and the beets until they got as smooth as I could. In spite of my intentions, the finished sauce was NOT silky smooth. Its all good though.

I combined it with the angel hair pasta.

And some broccoli on the side to round it all out.

It was SO good. 4 people have had it so far. The reviews are in:

1 – “It’s so tasty!”

2 – “I think I finally found a way that I like to eat beets!”

3 – A six year old boy cleaned his plate!

4 – I’m the 4th person and I love beets anyway so this was definitely my thing.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional pasta sauces, this one comes highly recommended.

Healthy Energy Drinks – Review

picts energy drinks

When there are not enough hours in the day, usually ‘getting enough sleep” falls lower and lower on the to-do list.

Dragging through the day low on energy is not an option. You need a boost.

The wonders of caffeine are widely known. The benefits are proven to work for what you need. So much so that we’ll put our bodies through questionable measures to get it.

How questionable, you ask? A cup of coffee is pretty straightforward so that doesn’t apply here. (&, perhaps, it’s not for everyone.)… The next alternative that comes to mind are energy drinks.

Reading the ingredient list on the side of an energy drink can is usually enough to fill the ‘questionable content’ meter. They’re filled with things that are hard to pronounce.

These handy carbonated beverages will wake you up… but the health conscious among us are likely to take a pause before bringing the concoctions into their bodies.

However, whether or not your health conscious doesn’t really make a difference if you only got 4 hours of sleep last night and now have a full day ahead of you.

However, there’s no need to stress! There are energy drinks available on the market that have a low sugar content, vitamins and minerals, and no artificial flavors or colors.


SUNSHINE Good Energy

I had the pleasure to try these drinks and it was a refreshing experience!

Some flavors were more tasty than others (more on that below), however I can confidently say that I’d choose any of them over a Red Bull. Not just because of the ingredients but because the boost of energy they gave me was like a smooth wave without the crash.

Note: SUNSHINE Good Energy drinks do not call themselves healthy – that’s me. However, I use that word because these drinks have a good does of a variety of vitamins – calcium, niacin, B6, B12, and magnesium.

Clementine Twist is the healthiest, with the added addition of vitamin E, vitamin A and 200% vitamin C!

So, how do they taste?

Flavor wise, my favorite is Blueberry Lemonade. It tastes exactly as it sounds! It’s like a healthy soda.

Clementine Twist is the second tastiest. I suspect it would be even better with a splash of actual orange juice.

Ginger Berry comes in last. Perhaps I had unrealistic expectations – I assumed something with ginger will have a KICK. But there is no kick here.

One more thing, SUNSHINE Energy Drinks also get a few more cool points for being created in Winston-Salem, North Carolina!

So yes, in conclusion, these drinks are highly recommended – from one caffeine fan to another!

As an honorable mention to healthy energy drinks, Bing energy drinks are also quite effective.

They have 5% juice, the vitamin content is solid and the low sugar content is a plus! Caffeine and Ginseng is proving to be a winning combination on the energy side of things! I’ve only had one flavor so far but I see myself reaching for another one sometime in the future.

Thanks for reading!

Dragon Fruit

Trying an exotic fruit carries the risk of over paying for something that you don’t like.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case with Dragon Fruit, although it was risky!

Having only seen the exotic fruit on Instagram, I really really wanted to give it a taste. The beauty of it alone was an experience I craved.

So when I was in Virginia and saw one on sale for 5 dollars, I didn’t hesitate to get it.

It’s pinkish red and and a little yellowish green. & about the size of a softball.

It felt ripe so I cut into it. It looked exactly as it should:

Having previous knowledge of the texture, I used a melon baller to scoop out the soft flesh.

And then, me and my son had a taste.

“It tastes like water!” He said.

I couldn’t disagree with him. The texture was very light and lightly sweetened. The small black seeds were close in texture to those found in kiwis.

He went back for more and so did I – until it was gone.

I don’t think I would eat a Dragon Fruit any other way. Not in a smoothie- raw is the way to go, I think. Mixed with anything else the flavor might get washed away. And now, typing this up, I wish I had more Dragon Fruit to eat!

There are other varieties of Dragon Fruit out there and I look forward to trying them 🙂