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Bing Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are fun.

They have an unhealthy reputation but I try to stick with the healthier ones.

I think Bing drinks are pretty healthy. Why? Because cherries are healthy and these include cherry juice. They also include other fruit juice sometimes and they use ginseng, too.

Before I got 3 on sale, I had only drank one of these previously before. and gave me the jitters.

But lately, I’ve been needing energy and the sale on these was hard to beat. and I’m glad I gave them another try.

The energy in these comes from caffeine and ginseng. Around 100-120 mg each.

My bad for being less than precise about the exacts but the photos are not uploading and it’s 100Β°F and I’m, ironically, feeling low on energy right now. I could use one of these drinks. but I’m actually cutting back on caffeine.

My favorite Bing Energy drink is the Apple one – it’s tastes so fresh. It really tastes like fresh apple juice is included in this.

They’re all delicious, though. And they’re all recommended. In moderation. πŸ™‚

New Book – Universal Health Knowledge?

This week, I released a new book titled “Nadirah’s Universal Health Book”!

Written by me, Star Khalifah – the same person who writes all these website posts πŸ™‚ My birth name is Nadirah, by the way πŸ™‚

The beauty that I see in Easy Light Sources, and in this Universal Health Book, is the fact that it is, in fact, universal.

What I mean is, anyone can relate to it, regardless of your gender, or race, or anything else that causes separation between people on this Earth.

All you really need a view that allows you to see value in the information!

And, as the writer, I need the ability to accurately convey what I’m trying to get across πŸ™‚

This and that being said, this post is going to go over some of the chapters in my new book!

This introduction is long enough so let’s get into it πŸ™‚

Chapter 1 – Fatty, Salty Goodness

Most healthy lifestyles and food choices are hard to stick to because of the addictive nature of fatty and salty foods. This chapter suggests that you incorporate these elements into your healthy food choices. This chapter also talks about salts and fats.

Chapter 2 – A Word On Fruits And Vegetables

Anyone who is familiar with Easy Light Sources won’t be surprised that this book includes information specifically about fruits and vegetables πŸ™‚

Chapter 3 – A Kiss, The Healthiest Kind of Sugar

Contrary to the name, this chapter is not so much about kissing! It’s more about sugar, including the best kinds and the worst kinds.

Chapter 4 – Drink Water – Always Good Advice!

I almost didn’t include this chapter because I didn’t want to condescend people by telling them drinking water is good for your health! But then I realized it’s not my place to assume what anyone does or does not know.

Chapter 5 – Living Food For Living Bodies

This chapter is about fermented foods and sprouts. The book Microbiology In Action came in handy during this chapter πŸ™‚ The digestive process is also discussed. Because it doesn’t matter how healthy we eat if our foods are not being digested correctly.

Chapter 6 – Ocean Nutrition , Sea Vegetables and Salt Water Healing

I love the ocean with all of my heart and I probably could have written an entire book about it πŸ™‚ But, this one covers a lot of stuff that many people don’t know. And I’m always learning new information so any revised editions will include expanded information in this chapter.

Chapter 7 – Building Blocks Of The Human Body

PROTEIN! Any plant-based book HAS TO have information about protein. But, I’ll give you a hint: It’s more about the amino acids.

Chapter 8 – Love Is An Easy Light Source

This is one of my favorite chapters πŸ™‚ It talks about chocolate, love, roses, love languages, and self-love/self-care.

Chapter 9 – The Easiest Way To Be Healthy Is To Stay Well

Immune health is covered extensively in here. Especially important for people who avoid flu shots and over the counter medications.

Chapter 10 – Welcome To The Holiday Season Starting… Now!

Being vegan/plant-based during the holiday season. Or, just being healthy during the time when unhealthy “soul” foods are all around everywhere.

Chapter 11 – The Winter Solstice / Optimism Daily

S.A.D is a real thing that happens during the winter months. But, and sadly, some people are sad all year round too. Here are some tips for people who can relate.

Aaaaand I think that just about covers a lot of it. There is also a bonus chapter about if plants can be used in place of drugs.

Thanks for reading! To purchase, click below and as an added Thank You you can get 20% off by using the code Easy20 πŸ™‚

I’m Proud Of This Cake

Okay so this isnt the most groundbreaking post but I want to submit it into Easy Light Sources history.

For my sons birthday, I made him the most Amazingly delicious cake ever :

He said that he wanted a Vanilla Strawberry Cake so thats what he got!

I added extra extra vanilla to the cake batter and some vanilla to the frosting, too.

Everyone enjoyed this cake TBH. It wasn’t soft and delicate like a boxed cake mix tends to be. This one was made from scratch with vegan ingredients and it’s a solid CAKE.

He also cut his own cake and got the biggest slice! Hooray!

I also made some cupcakes with the same batter, which I allowed the boys to add colorful gel frosting designs to.

On a side note, I do feel particularly blessed that I’m able to make my son whatever cake he requests! That’s cool. Lucky for all of us: he has good taste πŸ™‚

Prep Your Food – It’s The Adult Thing To Do

In this case, food prep means that you have chosen your seasonings, chopped all the vegetables, and even chosen your food serving platters all before you begin cooking.

Honestly, it also extends to making sure the dishes are washed and all counters are cleared. That’s not a requirement but it’s the right thing to do for a peaceful experience. Especially clearing the counters.

But, you know, I think washing dishes and clearing the counters should be done after every cooking experience. Of course we don’t always feel like doing it but it’s like a favor you do for your future self.

Well anyway, back to food!

Food professionals have a fancy name for food prep, it’s called mise en place. “In Place.”

The thing with the professionals is that they tend to use neat little bowls to store their chopped foods in, until they need it.

That’s cool when you have a dishwasher (either a machine or someone paid).

But when you have to do your own dishes, you should minimize it as much as possible.

For that reason, I store my mise en place on waxed paper. Neat pieces of wax paper. And then you can just throw it away after you’re done.

And you can use the wax paper to place your cooking utensils on if you don’t want to use a designated spoon holder.

It really does save time. Especially when you’re making food that cooks quickly.

The times when mise en place don’t need to come first is when something takes a long time to cook. Like when you need to boil water you can do that right at the start.

Something else I like to do in the beginning of cooking is making dessert.

If we’re having dessert that day, I’ll make it in advance. Sometimes, like today, I made a birthday cake and cupcakes all before 11am.

Making dessert early has the huge benefit of allowing the cake or pie, whatever it is, ample time to actually rest and get to its best.

A cake fresh out of the oven is not my favorite way to eat it.

Stale cake is just as bad.

But after resting for 2 hours or so, it’s really much better.

Pies, too. Pie needs to rest so that it can have clean lines when it’s cooked. And so the filling isn’t all loose and runny.

Some desserts should be eaten fresh out of the oven. Cookies are good when they’re nice and warm. Even cookies that are not well made taste pretty good when they’re fresh.

When baking, food prep is also a good idea. When everything is already measured, everything can be mixed in faster.

I can actually go on and on lol but maybe that’ll be boring so we’ll say that this is the end.

Food prep FTW!