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I bought a Chayote Squash

Having seen these fruits many times in the grocery store, purchasing one was an impulse buy.

However.. I wasn’t ready for it. It ended up being uneaten. The chayote squash in the back of the fridge. When I found it, it was sprouted so I didn’t throw it away. Instead, we left it on the counter and look what emerged:


And now idk if I can throw it away without feeling like a murderer.

Maybe let’s throw it in some dirt and see what happens 🙂

Easy Light views of the 4th annual AgriBusiness Summit at the United Nations

Peace you guys! I was honored to be a part of the 4th annual AgriBusiness Summit that occurred at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

The AgriBusiness Summit was a fantastic place to meet other-worldly Black people for the purpose of working together.

Unity is peace and love.

There were international attendees from Haiti, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Spain, Mozambique, India, China and more!

There were also representatives from Washington DC, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania and of course New York!

A wealth of knowledge was shared amongst many including youth, old friends, other authors, international business owners, global politicians, and people following their dreams and really building what they believe in – agriculturally and otherwise 🙂

Cheers to all of the connections made with genuine people.

Big shout-out to Mr. Geoffrey Atkins for reaching out and bringing me into so many opportunities. Peace and Love!

It was an honor being at the AgriBusiness Summit and it was even sweeter because of all the support and encouragement that me and Easy Light Sources received.

And also on the business side of things, I sold every book that I brought into the U.N. that is so awesome! – That’s peace and love.

Unity is beautiful.

I won’t get sentimental but I will say that it is refreshing to be within a community of individuals who have real goals for the future, specifically uplifting the international community.

If everyone does what they say they will do then we are off to a great jump-start on relationship building and real transformation on a global scale! There are so many possibilities!

I am soooo excited about re-connecting! Very special peace and love to everyone that attended! 💛

For a wider perspective on the Summit, tune into the Easy Light Sources Radio show below ⬇️ The special guest is a well-read brother who also attended the summit! (Skip to about 20minutes in)

Nat Turner Library – Easy Light Sources with Nadirah

And also, Thanks Geremy! Your conversational consultation this weekend has been paramount in widening my global perspective.



This micro-garden was also awesome with veggies and herbs growing ⬇️

Exclusive – Featured post by H.K. Khalifah

Your SouthSide Community Paper

Media of the Nat Turner Library, Drewryville, VA 23844



Thank you for taking the time to read this section of “The Southside Community Paper.”

Since this is the Number One , it is customary to state a purpose for the paper this edition so:

This will be the 6th journal I have edited over 40 years of publishing. I must say, my primary reason for this one is the same as it was for the first; that is to be a voice for the Black Community. They have a voice but it is rarely heard because there is not an organ to amplify it.

It is Sunday, July 15, maybe 5. Maybe my brother Louis’ birthday. What is a normal Sunday? What was a normal Sunday in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, this century? They were all different in some way. But they were also common in one way: A day when I reflected on or put aside regular routines to devote to prayer or visiting special places only to wind up back at a special place.

In the 1970’s, I may visit Morningside Park… Smoke a joint, exercise, meditate & pray, then re-commit myself to stay on the course that spiritually got me to where I am today. A good place, but not as tranquil as it was returning to my big, oversized apartment at 189 w. 136th street in Harlem. Life was good and meaningful.

In all of the most merciful, most gracious, name of the Creator of ALL persons, places, & things. All praise to Thee for blessing me to be within thy grace at this time, in this place, in my present state of mind.

In this state of mind I am upright to He who originated me but I have been unjust to myself & others as I have not mastered the Laws of MA’AT, the Law of Creation. I’ve made mistakes, so I humbly seek refuge in thee from all my errors & excess mistakes in the state of Amin: the state in which I was created within as a Divine Being.

On this day & forever I will be more mindful in the execution of my words, my acts, as well as my deeds: The Will be uttered as the Divine Being that I am created to be as I take care of my duties & my responsibilities to my children, to my grandchildren, to my future mate, & also to those who meditate at the hour of 8.

On This Day, Bless our intentions, Bless those who are with us & Bless others coming into our experiences at all times, in whatever places – not as we will but surely only if our will is harmonious to thou will & purpose for the tremendous, marvelous, gregarious, glorious, Creator thou has brought into manifestation. Thou know what is in our heart & what is in our minds: Bless  our collective as well as our individual minds that perchance Thou have found us worthy to receive blessings thou has reserved for those who love Thou with our whole heart & strive to do right & reject wrong – ON THIS DAY & ALWAYS.

In all the most beautiful, profound, caring, sharing, & merciful names. Amin.






Thanks Dad, for this lovely contribution to Easy Light Sources.


Easy Light Source: Chlorophyll

If you’re visiting this page from the Easy Light Sources radio show then some of this may sound familiar. However, we all know that important information is worth repeating 🙂

(Click here for more information and a break down on health benefits)

Let’s talk about chlorophyll for a moment, please. We need to bring chlorophyll back into Health conversations because this natural substance does so much to benefit the human body.

You want to talk about an Easy Light Source? Well chlorophyll is a pigment substance sort of like plasma that lives in Plants. The primary objective of chlorophyll is to absorb sunlight, if you didn’t know. Chlorophyll is also the source of color for green vegetation fruits and vegetables. okay. at this point there are literally a million things I could say on chlorophyll right now. Please look up Photosynthesis to find out how Chlorophyll provides life and sustinance to plants.
It is important to know how good it is for your body and how to consume it. To prevent an over load of information in tonight’s show, the text of this segment as well as links of information can be found in the new post on chlorophyll on
Chlorophyll can be found in raw form just by walking outside but when it comes to consuming, the choices are varied and refined – like a package of spring mix salad at the grocery store or even further processed into a liquid supplement, like the chlorophyll my mom Sister Reda provided for us. It was in a bottle from Nature’s Sunshine.
A serving was meant to be diluted with water but drinking it straight allows you to have the full flavor, if you like it like that; it’s not sweet. If you do drink it straight, make sure you still follow it down with a cup of water.
With leafy greens and veggies like green peppers, zucchini, okra, and others.. the naturally occurring hydration of water directly accompanies the chlorophyll found in whole, fresh foods.
Whatever your problem, Earth foods have inside of them the vitamins and minerals that fit within our body so perfectly. If you would like to incorporate some green Earth Foods into your diet, the Easy Light Sources Food Guide is a resource that makes it easy for you the food guide information on 18 fruits and vegetables including the green food cucumbers, asparagus, and avocados. The food guide is available at BUY ONE TODAY 🙂

Easy Light Source: Candles + video

There’s no doubt about candles and their qualification as an easy light source 🙂

Candles are an easy source of literal light… they also lighten up an environment with the fire element that they bring when used.

There are tons of candles in the market now. To list a few:

  • Pillar candles
  • Tea light candles
  • Taper candles
  • Jar candles
  • Jar candles with a lid
  • Scented candles
  • Kwanzaa candles
  • Votive candles
  • 7-day candles
  • Alter candles
  • Chime candles
  • Birthday candles

& Candle Holders come in 10 times the variety!

If I were to go into detail on all these candles we’d be here all day!

So let’s save time by talking about the best ones for multi-purpose.

[In the order smallest to largest…..]

Tea Lights

These baby candles don’t get any smaller than these. If you’re feeling fancy, they’ll gently float in the water of a soothing bath.

For more practical use, they’re great when candle time is limited to two hours or less. They also burn nicely in domed candle holders.

These are good if you like to burn a lot of candles at one time.

Tea Lights can be found in different scents and the colors available usually match the season – Just like the other candles available. They also make a great house warming gift.

(These are my favorite!)

Votive candles naturally burn for the perfect amount of time; long enough to enjoy the energy for the evening but they’ll be burned out by bedtime.

As they burn, the scent of the candle shares itself with the room as the wax melts and spreads.

That brings us to the not so pleasant aspect of votive candles – the wax.

A candle holder is definitely required regardless of the surface beneath. (Although burning on a large mirror table-type surface is pretty (for a dramatic effect)

Another best thing is that votives can generally fit the same domed candle holders as tea lights – you can get more time time using votives.

Sometimes candles can also carry positive vibrations and affirmations with scents (aromatherapy) and also with words. You can find both in the lovely candles below:

Those are available for sell here: Candles and Incense.
Jar Candles

Jar candles are universal because:

  • Longer burn time (At least 24 hours, depending on the size)
  • It is a contained container – huge plus. No need to worry about melted wax unless you have to move the candle.
  • If moving the candle is required, be careful because the glass will get hot.

Jar Candles with Lid

Jar candles with lids are necessary if you plan on extinguishing the candle to burn the rest later. That’s because some candles really stink when they’re blown out.

Having a lid makes it handy to block the scent as soon as you can after blowing it out.

♠Honorable mention to soy candles and beeswax candles, which are supposed to be better for the environment.

What are your favorite kind of candles to burn? Leave a comment below and let us know 🙂

Let the gold heal and inspire you!

Shea Butter Review [video]

Never has there been a shea butter as buttery as this one. At least, not in my experience. However it’s that experience that allows me to truly appreciate what Fragrance and Beyond has provided to the welcome market.

Other shea butters carry the name but in appearance they can be hard, drier, and possibly crumbly. Unprocessed white shea butter will fit that description and that is not what we have here.

What we have here is shea butter that is finally able to be compared to actual butter. Not the butter straight out of the fridge; this is the soft butter that can be found in a traditional butter bell. It spreads and melts perfectly on bread.

This kind of shea butter spreads gracefully onto your skin. Smoothness. The natural scents only add to the experience of the senses.

The two shea butters I received were in two flavors: morenga and cacao. They’re both luxurious and carry health benefits in addition to the already nutrient-dense raw shea butter.

It comes as no surprise that such quality products come from a company with a valuable message.

We are all beautiful and Go Fragrance and Beyond promotes equal beauty for all. True beauty is found on the inside of who you are.

Officially speaking, it is safe to say that Go Fragrance and Beyond shea butter (and body scrub) is an Easy Light Source.

Not only is it an easy way to take care of your appearance; Using these products promoted warm feelings of love and self-care within me as I indulged in them.

Recommended for everyone 🙂

For more information or to place an order email EasyLightSources@gmail or contact Go Fragrance and Beyond on their Facebook page.