What is this website-

A place for me to share the words that the spirit of God has given me. The content written here covers a multitude of topics like:
Words about God’s personality:
Creativity is a God Quality
How we can get closer to God through healthy foods.

Food Reviews for healthy foods or interesting things found at 7-Eleven.https://easylightsources.org/tag/food-review/

4 Questions

1. Favorite/Most listened to song and/or movie:
The Godfather, Aladdin, and the song Water by Kanye West.

2) 2/3 sentences about hungry people and suffering people.
Some events are painful and it is hard to understand why God created things to be that way. Always give thanks and show gratitude for the blessings that you have.

3. 3 things you Love about The Lord
– Enjoying His creations like tasty food and phenomenal colors
– His love and loyalty.
– The Endless Kindness that exists in His presence.

4. 3 sentences about Nezar A. Isaiah.
– Comfortable clothes over tight
– Faithful that all things happen for my good in life.