My Mom Did Not Name Me Star

I think with spiritual names, you’re not supposed to tell your real name.

I mean, we make our own rules and reasons.

There are tons of reasons why someone would come into a spiritual name.

Usually, they don’t identify deeply with their birth name. Or they want to protect themselves by cloaking their real “government” name. Or perhaps they just like a unique name. The reasons are endless, really.

My birth name, Nadirah, can count as an actual name and a spiritual name. The English meaning of Nadirah does fit me really well.

Most people call me Nadirah or Free.

But, Star is my spiritual name. It’s as simple as I am and as deep as I aim to be.

Don’t forget, we’re all made of StarDust. My StarDust is as easy to see as is the melanin in my skin.

That’s one of the hard parts of my existence. Luckily, it’s only hard when I don’t embrace it.

I don’t embrace it when I’m feeling anxious.

I feel anxious a lot of the time.

What an exhausting cycle I am overcoming.

Lucky for me, I am winning. And there’s evidence of that, easy to be seen in the addition of Blog Star. And pictures of me on here.

All that anxiety? It’s getting in the way of living my best life… Hmm let’s go deeper.

The anxiety is getting in the way of making meaningful connections with the real people in my life.

If only all my friends were therapists, then they’d know I’m conquering inner oppression. I’m winning!

Fun fact: my second website was called Nadirah Star. That was 2/3 years before I knew it was my spiritual name. However, investigative energy suggests that I knew it all along.