Yoga Benefits That Are Not About Physical Flexibility


Yoga has 2 reputations.

To practitioners, we know yoga to be a challenging yet infinitely rewarding experience. Yoga can and will help you sort out all the knots in your life – physically and emotionally and whatever else is keeping you feeling tight. Steady & accurate practice of yoga is a demonstration of meditation. We know meditating has infinite benefits to our mind and overall mental health.

To people who are familiar with yoga on a surface level, yoga can appear as little more than fancy, somewhat excessive and sometimes sexual (CUE EYE ROLL) ways to position the body.

This article here is speaking to everyone. As an on and off practitioner of yoga, I understand the benefits on a mental and physical level. Physically, I do have a spinal disorder – scoliosis. I call it a disorder because if my spine was in order, the shape would be the standard vertical. Instead, it’s a S-shape with some spinal twisty rotation thrown in. Lucky for me, I’ve come to embrace my curves!

Practicing yoga does help to strengthen my physical body and alleviate some pain that I experience from sitting or standing or driving too long.

There is a deep respect for people who practice #YogaEveryDamnDay. It’s not easy to do but, like everything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Yoga is one of those things that when you push yourself to do it, you end up thanking yourself for it in the long run.

And that’s the beauty of yoga that I see and feel so apparently.

The beauty of yoga has nothing to do with the flexibility that is remarked on by the appearance of the practice.

The beauty of yoga comes from the ultimate benefits gained – discipline and strength. In a way, flexibility is incorporated into this as true strength had the ability to adapt to many situations.

Physical strength is a no-brainer. It takes serious muscle power to do handstands. It takes neck and spinal strength to do headstands. It takes mental strength to hold any of the yoga positions, even the most popular downward dog.

Mental strength cannot be over stated because you can hurt yourself if you happen to lose focus.

The inherent meditative practice that is so ingrained in yoga makes mental strength an almost unconscious feat.

That’s why yogi’s are known to be peace loving, easy going, and calm. Their minds are clear. In a way, practicing yoga is mental health maintenance.

Discipline also increases mental fortitude, increases self-respect, and kills stress as a result.

It takes discipline to be strong and to be strong, you must have discipline. Mental strength and physical strength. They are both strengthened by different forms of discipline.

Okay you guys, I guess that’s its for the moment.

Yoga is strength and a genderless practice. There are also other ways to become stronger, if you so need it. Becoming a stronger person is a reoccurring goal that’ll never expire and it will always serve you. Being strong is not the same as being hard as nails. I’ll even tell you a secret: some people become hard as nails because they think it will make them strong. Locking away your emotions does take a form of strength but unless you can also find time to be soft and gentle then you’re at a disadvantage. Show love, always, to the ones you love. If nothing else, always show love to yourself in the form of grace and understanding.

What Makes A Match!

People and compatibility!

We can have more than one match through our lifetimes but I think monogamy is a pretty secure situation that works for the majority of people. Even marriage is a good goal to have. When two people are sincere, getting married will only deepen the good things that they have going!

Jaded people say marriage is a business deal. I’d rather stay iconoclastic. Yeah, you want someone who can add to your life but isn’t it LOVE that you want them to add, more than material things?

I guess it all comes down to what honestly makes two people happy. Who am I to judge a relationship situation as long as no one is being taken advantage of.

Okay, let’s talk about what makes a match! You want that best friend energy with your significant other, right? I know I do!

The phrase “opposites attract” is true sometimes. Other times, it’s a excuse people use to justify the disharmony in their relationships! For instance, arguing with your lover all of the time sounds like disharmony to me.

However, it’s not one size fits all. Some people do enjoy arguing – it’s their love language? Not me though, I like peace. Anyone who is opposite of that would not fit in with my energy.

Well now, the number 5 is pretty solid so here are 5 categories that make a harmonious match with a partner!

1. Exploration and Curiosity

Being on the same vibe when it comes to seeking out adventures can lead to a lot of fun! Imagine how great it is when your partner walks in the door to tell you about a new place they heard about and “let’s go check it out this weekend!” Let’s go!

On the other hand, a homebody probably wouldn’t be excited about exploring a new area. And that’s okay (I guess… I mean, I like to explore but I’m also trying to be understanding to people who like to stay in their comfort zone). I’d say one homebody deserves another but honestly I think someone who doesn’t explore needs a gentle encouragement to leave the house. It’s a big world out there!

Okay, let’s take it to food…. Someone who likes to try new foods needs a partner who also likes to try new foods, that way there’s no arguments about going to a different restaurant or eating something out of the ordinary.

2. Drug and Alcohol Preferences

Having the same views on extracurricular substance use is non-negotiable for someone who is a perfect match.

This is pretty straightforward. Assuming all use is responsible, it really shouldn’t be a problem. But there’s no bigger buzzkill than having a partner who counts your glasses of wine at the dinner table. Especially when they do it openly.

Now, someone who tends to take it too far (ie, someone like me) will do themselves a service to appreciate a responsible partner who will make sure they don’t do so much that they get sick.

But it’s a fine line. What’s best is for the drug and alcohol user to manage their own intake so that no one has to do it for them.

The best part about being a good match on this type of extracurricular is that you don’t have to hide what you’re doing! It’s so refreshing to get a text that says “I got that stuff you like” LOL seriously though, this type of relationship can either save you money or cost you more money. Make sure your partner is not a moocher or it will get old fast!

3. Music Styles

I think that most people enjoy many types of music. If it’s a catchy pop song, it has the power to unite people of all walks of life.

But, you know, sometimes there is just some sh*t that you don’t want to hear.

If your partner loves that brand of sh*t then you’re gonna have a problem when it comes to listening to music for pleasure.

It’s unreasonable to ask someone to not play their favorite songs because you don’t like it. However, a thoughtful partner will know you don’t like it and will avoid playing it as a courtesy.

Be sure to appreciate the courtesy!

4. Teasing and Attitude

Some people don’t mind being teased and they can throw it back to you quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Others are a sensitive soul and enjoy when people are being nice to them.

Guess which one I am lol

Seriously tho, this is a big one. Incompatibility here can actually turn into bullying and no one wants that, not really. Well, maybe jerks do but we’re not talking about jerks.

Just how some people enjoy arguing, it’s all about what your communication style is. If you like to make jokes about your partner: make sure you can also take jokes about yourself and also make sure that your partner is not the sensitive type so that you don’t make them cry.

The same goes for attitude – the good thing is that you can generally gauge someone’s attitude pretty early in a relationship. If they have an attitude problem that you don’t enjoy then leave them alone. If you hate their attitude but like other things about them, try your very best not to get into a permanent situation with them (like a baby!) until you know for sure how you feel.

5. Physical Affection

There were actually several things that could fit in this last point but this is the one that made it in.

Being a match on the frame of how much you like to be touched is actually important. Imagine if you love being hugged and you had a partner that didn’t like it too much. That would be the lamest, possibly saddest, thing ever. I cannot imagine.

So in conclusion, the first thing is that you must know yourself, who you are, and what you like. And then you have to make choices that are true to you and reflect who you are.

Sometimes when we’ve been single for while it appears to be easier to settle for a partner that’s not a perfect match. While okay, you may not match 100%, you really shouldn’t settle for someone who will make you cry, feel less than loved, or someone who doesn’t give you enough hugs and kisses.

If you find that you do have to settle for someone you’re not completely compatible with… Well, make the best of it and focus on the good more than anything else. Make sure your self-love and care is strong as a safe.

And if you find someone that you love – love them with all your heart. But wait until you feel safe enough to give them your all.

The Line Between Professional and Personal Blog Posts

As I aim to have a website with helpful information, I can’t deny the fact that I’m also influenced by other websites that I follow here on WordPress. Those are mostly the ones that are blog-type and anecdotal.

As a writer, and as someone who doesn’t like to burden my friends with my thoughts and feelings, I find myself turning more to my website, Easy Light Sources, to express myself.

All in all, my doing so is not particularly a bad thing. I guess I am aware of it now because when I first began writing for Easy Light Sources, I made a mental choice to not write in first person for the majority of the content.

But right now in my life, I’m going through a lot. My entire family is. Some of the happier topics that I have planned, I’m actually struggling with.

After this post on completion, I’m still feeling pretty good. But, things are changing, now.

Changing how?

Spiritual Readings indicate it’s all good on all fronts. But the details of reality don’t look so well. Personally I am confused – how much is mind over matter? I don’t know who to trust, which is also a hard reality to deal with.

Well, that’s me talking about myself some more.

When Easy Light Sources started, it was food focused – fruits and vegetables. I’d like to go back to that but my life is in a different place.

I have Easy Light Sources book manuscripts I’d like to have printed but I don’t have the cash. I’d also like to upgrade this website to sell ebooks but as they say, it takes money to make money.

Discussing this with someone else ended up with them offering me roles in their adult movies. He even offered to pay for me to have breast implants.

As tempting as fast money is, it’s the integrity of my mind and soul that won’t allow that to happen. Luckily the friend respects my status as a role model and he didn’t push the opportunity too much.

There seems to be a stark contrast in terms of what I believe versus what I’m able to materialize. For this reason, I choose to only write on what I know to be real in life.

I think that authenticity is not always rewarded. Not to be fake, but there is strength in only showing the desirable sides of yourself. Especially and moreso when no one really knows who you are.

I’d really like this to be the last personal informational post. This site was not created to be a personal blog so I’ll do my best to keep it on track. Thanks, tho, for being here for me to talk too. I’ll find out later if it was for the best or worst.

Saturday Dreams

If you’re lucky, you won’t have to work on Saturdays. Instead, you can spend that day resting, having Saturday dreams, that may or may not be more interesting than real life.

It can be hard to imagine – a day of rest and relaxation. Expectations of others can make it a challenge to do what’s best for your own body. But. I suggest you take the time and do it anyway.