Rhythm Foods Vegan Ranch Carrot Sticks Review

Rhythm SuperFoods has a good reputation when it comes to tasty non-dairy snacks. Some may even call them healthy snacks. I would.

Granted, I’ve only had 2 snacks from their brand. The Kale chips are definitely a crowd favorite -the crowd being each and every one of my taste buds. The only complaint I usually have with these offerings is that the price is a tad bit high for a serving size. But, price is mattering less and less to me as of lately.

Anyway, carrot sticks!

Being the most optimistic, it’s a super healthy offering. Dried carrots, dusted with seasoning. Not a lot of extra fluff.

Actually no fluff at all – these were pretty crunchy. I’d say more crunchy than expected. But then again, I was expecting crispy ribbons. These are curly but still sticks.

That is the only picture I captured because I was really all in this small bag. Me, being extra hungry and mostly vegan, I couldn’t get enough.

Yea, I finished the bag rather quickly.

I guess that means I enjoyed them. The re-purchase likelihood is pretty small, though.

I wasn’t crazy about the texture but more than that, I wasn’t crazy about the flavor.

Yes, the flavor disappointed me. I honestly thought they’d be heavily seasoned like the Kale chips are. But they’re not. The ranch seasoning is a light dusting that does not touch every carrot stick.

But, the bright side is that the carrot flavor is allowed to shine and shine it does.

The sweetness that carrots have is a nice flavor.

But the ranch part that was advertised? Lack luster.

Quick Tips to Party With Anxiety

Hey you guys!

I used to party a lot. Like, from Wednesday night to Monday morning, I was ready to have a good time.

My social life thrived. My responsibilities suffered.

This was before I became a Mom. Of course. And now, instead of a party for the sake of a party, the events I’m involved in now (yes, events…) are more professional and not just about letting loose. Not super buttoned up but the social responsibility is somewhat heavier.

It feels different now than it was then. Without a doubt, the responsibilities I have now when hosting do come with some anxiety when I just want to have a nice time.

What I do is pull inspiration from my care -free days to be more care -free now. It works for me and I think it’ll work for others, too.

In this case, the more simple, the better. So here are 3 tips that apply to every one and apply to every party!

1. Don’t Overthink

Yes this is common advice for anxiety but it has to be stated because it is important.

Over thinking the elements related to attending a party will stress you out.

Of course you should thoughtfully consider what you’ll wear and what the occasion is. But, your primary thoughts when it comes to attending the party should be “I’m going to have a good time.”

When we’re planning an event… Months in advance sometimes… I tell myself over and over again that I will have a nice time at this event. It works!

This mindset will carry you gracefully through the entire party, especially when something goes wrong. It’s easier to let unfortunate events roll off your back instead of letting it get you down.

Note: If you can no longer have a good time at the party, it’s okay to leave early.

2. Participate

For anxiety, the funnest parties to attend are the ones with a theme and with games and activities! If you’re attending this kind of party, go with it to the fullest extent that you can! Wear a costume and play the games!

This may sound redundant but the best way to have a good time at a party is to have a nice time!

Okay, now if you’re socially awkward, participating in activities is the best way to join in with everyone else. Even if it’s the party host asking for volunteers to bring snacks out, go ahead and volunteer!

If it’s a more casual party without a theme or games, you should probably bring a friend with you. Let the host know you’re bringing a friend.

Bringing someone gives you someone to hang with and talk to while you’re there. Make sure your friend understands this!

3. Dance

The dance floor is the safest place to be when you’re awkward at a party. It doesn’t even matter how well you dance. I’ve found that most people don’t care – only genuine assholes will laugh at someone’s dancing. Most people just want everyone to have a nice time.

On the dance floor, you won’t stand out for being alone. You can get lost in the music and get into your own zone.

Don’t even worry about what’s playing. If it has a beat, you can dance to it.

And, you know, if it’s dark then you really have no reason to worry about it.

Dancing is good for the soul!

Okay guys, go forth and enjoy yourselves!

Bob’s Pickle Pops Review

Frozen pops are a mainstay for a hot summer day.

Usually, the big packs are colorful offerings to hot and thirsty children. They love them! It’s almost like frozen Lifesavers – out of all the different colors and flavors, people usually have their go-to favorite.

I was always more of a pineapple girl for everything – ice pops, Lifesavers, and even gummy bears. I don’t eat them any more though…

Nowadays, especially because I have a son who will eat 10 ice pops in 10 minutes, I read every ingredient in these things. High Fructose Corn Syrup is an automatic no, as is the artificial dyes.

So, in short, the ones I usually like usual come with 10 or less in a package. It’s okay.

Anyway, unless it’s naturally sweetened with fruit juice, there is guaranteed to be high amounts of sugar in all frozen refreshments.

That is, unless you eat a pickle pop!

What is a pickle pop? Well, it’s not a frozen pickle! It’s an ice pop that is flavored like a dill pickle.

The first 3 ingredients are water, vinegar, and salt.

Unfortunately, there is no actual dill herb in these but that’s okay. The flavor really comes through.

As you can imagine, someone who doesn’t like pickles would not enjoy these pops.

Me? I like pickles and I find these pops to be very refreshing.

Flavor wise, a little goes a long way.

I wouldn’t drink an entire glass of pickle juice in one sitting. Similarly, I didn’t eat an entire pop in one sitting.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t finish the pop that I had from this morning. Not yet. I will, though.

The package mentions being good for athletes, and I’m not sure where those claims are substantiated (there are no added vitamins or minerals) but hey, why not? They probably are more hydrating than the ones with too much sugar.

A six-pack of these pickle pops were about $3 or $4. I’m okay with that.

Overall, yes, I recommend these for anyone who enjoys snacks off of the beaten path.

Confession Time : Energy Drinks…

Yes it’s true
I have something to confess to you

Here it is: I’ve been consuming more energy drinks lately.

In general, I’d drink one maybe once or twice a week. But this last week I had one a day. Or even twice a day.

Red Bull, mostly. And Sunshine Good Energy drinks. The small sized cans make me feel like it’s not so bad, right?

Well, yeah. Sure.

How does my body like it?

Drinking one within an hour of waking up does give me enough energy to power through the morning.

Notably, the caffeine does wear off by the afternoon. And then I’m sleepy again. Beyond sleepy – the tiredness is down into my bones.

Sounds like an exaggeration but I don’t think it is. It’s like man, when it’s time to wake up in the morning, my body literally does not have the ability to move.

Sleep deprivation can usually be blamed for others in my situation but not this time. I think that I do get enough sleep. “Enough sleep” what a joke lol I don’t even know what that means.

I think naturally, people who know me would assume that I’d be turning to coffee during these tiring times but not necessarily.

Coffee is amazing, but hot coffee is more acidic than I’d like to ingest on a regular basis. And cold brew, while less acidic, also seems to be less energizing.

A benefit of coffee is the fact that I’m better able to control the sugar content that goes into it. With energy drinks – some energy drinks – there are many grams of sugar.

I’ve tried other kinds of supplements too, namely Focus energy pills. I made it unhealthy by opening a capsule into a drink. Minutes later my body paid for it by rewarding me with crippling pain in my abdomen. It felt like it was burning a hole in my belly button!

It was so NOT FUN I had to lay down.

Now lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention biological, timely factors that result in low iron for us ladies.

When that cycle rolls around, I am also excessively tired.

Anyway, the bottom line right now is that no amount of sleep makes me feel rested in the morning.

Please help lol

Energy drinks are the only thing that keeps me alert at this time. I really am honestly cutting back on Coffee.

Side note, 7-Eleven has a really tasty cold brew in a can – it’s about 2 cups of caffeine worth per can. They are so good, relatively low in sugar. But the downside is that they contain dairy milk.

How about some almond milk, 7-Eleven? Please?

I guess could give Yerba Mate another try, sure. They don’t sell is everywhere like they do Red Bulls though….