How To Be A Source of Strength (4 tips)

So, you’ve found yourself to be a Source of Strength and encouragement for someone. Or maybe you have found yourself being your own Source of Strength.

What does that mean?

Well, sometimes you know when someone is looking up to you.

And them sometimes, you may not realize someone is looking up to you. Just how a role model can be someone you’ve never met before.

When you know that you’re a known Source of Strength for someone, chances are likely that you have personal contact or a personal relationship with that person. Maybe they can call or reach out to you when they need you.

In this way, you have to be available (and emotionally open) to them. A person who embraces the fact that they are a Source of Strength (even if they don’t use those words) will be:

  • There to answer the phone when you need to talk.
  • They will not ridicule or belittle the person reaching out to them, and
  • They’re probably good at keeping private information private.

If a person looks up to you but you don’t know who they are, that’s closer to being a role model. But honestly, why not both? When you don’t know who you are a Source of Strength for, they probably chose you because:

  • You express yourself well.
  • You have an interesting life story that is relatable.
  • You’re consistent.
  • You say and do things that others like to hear and see.

So, congratulations! It is an honor for someone to recognize the strength in you. Embrace it as long as you’re emotionally able to support another person.

Ready to be the best Source of Strength that you can be? Here are some tips for you, love.

For people to turn to you, the doors of your heart need to be open.

At the root of this is the feeling of acceptance that many long to feel. Especially those who need outside sources of strength – they need a hug.

But if a hug is unavailable, allowing someone to feel like you have love for them is a form of kindness that goes a long way.

Along the branch of extending kindness to others, we have compassion and understanding.

Compassion comes from a place if maturity and wisdom. Not everyone has it and that’s okay because not everyone is a Source of Strength, either.

When people come to YOU, Strong One, remember – they want to feel accepted. It makes them feel not alone, not judged.

How to cultivate this skill? Keep calm when someone opens up to you. Don’t over react to their story.

In a way, an over reaction is a little bit like a rejection. Don’t reject them.

Being a Source of Strength means that you have the ability to hold on to what you deem to be important.

This also means that you don’t accept many double standards.

If you don’t have strong morals, at best- you’ll look pretty wishy-washy. At worst- you’ll look pretty hypocritical.

It’s not about having extreme views, it’s about having solid ones.

Last but not least (and hopefully not too obviously lol) to be a Source of Strength, you have to be strong.

Physically strong for physical strength.

Mentally strong for everything else.

There’s an article on this site titled “How To Be Stronger”, I highly suggest you check it out!

In conclusion- life may make you a Source of Strength for several people. The first priority is to be a solid Source of Strength for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

Eating To Feel Better

What would it be like to live in a place where food doesn’t matter?

For one, I think it would be more peaceful and happy. No one would be dying of starvation. And, we wouldn’t have to stress about food labels and cancer-causing ingredients.

What a fantasy!

What real is this: our lives are ruled by food in one way or another. Having enough money to buy food for ourselves and others is the driving force behind the 40-hour work week.

Of course, there are other lifestyle goals but buying food to eat is never optional.

Yes, food is important.

It gives us energy to stay alive, and heal us. We have to have a relationship with it.

Now that we’ve established that food is important to everyone, all walks of life, let’s make a segue into the mindsets of all of these people who eat food.

We’re not all heathy, whether in our minds or bodies.

Even Easy Light Sources was bred out of the necessity to dissolve depression and anxiety.

Food is one of the original Light Sources because “when you eat better, you feel better.”

Food has the capacity to be medicine. The right foods, the healthy ones, can make our health discomforts much more tolerable, if not prevent them completely. Of course not everything but problems like constipation definitely can be cured by eating the right kind of Earth Foods.

Eating To Feel Better is best applied to physical problems solved by healthy foods.

MENTAL problems, on this other hand, can also be absolved by healthy eating. That’s actually a catalyst for this whole business, Easy Light Sources. I noticed that when I wasn’t eating the best, my mental health was also not the best. It takes work and self awareness to draw these conclusions.

What’s easier? Developing a relationship with foods where, when you feel bad, you eat things that make you feel better.

If you haven’t made the connection between healthy foods and a healthy mind then your decisions will be made for you by the food industry.


By falling into the trap of sugary foods and carbs that release “feel good” chemicals into your brain.

(Research it until I add a link in here. Thanks!)

Seriously, it does happen.

Something else that develops with Eating To Feel Better is possibly a disordered relationship with foods.

I don’t like to call it an eating disorder because that’s pretty clinical and too many people will become defensive at the suggestion that they have an eating disorder.

With the words reversed, disordered eating, we can recognize the unhealthy things that we do with food without making it a personality trait.

My disordered eating trend is very common – binge eating.

Not only do I eat too much sometimes, this tendency is usually sparked when I’m feeling sad or hopeless in some way.

And, you know, sometimes I’m just GREEDY.

That does not make it better.

In those cases, eating doesn’t even really make me feel better but I do it any way because maybe.. idk. I’m starting to feel like I’m talking about myself too much.

I guess what this article is attempting to do is spark awareness into the how and why of why you’re Eating To Feel Better:

  • Are you getting rid of hunger pangs?
  • Is your goal to give your body vitamins and minerals?
  • Are you sad and cookies make you feel better?
  • Have you given up on self control and stopped giving a damn?
  • Or, you know, did you just want a snack and you stopped at one serving size?

It is worth it to know ourselves and be aware of the “why.” Then, we will take it from there.

I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface but maybe it really is that simple?

If there is a part 2, it will be linked here.

As always, and I don’t say this enough: thank you for reading!

Plastic-Free Gum


You know what’s news to me? That standard gum has plastic as a gum base!

Plastic, who knew.

The way that GLEE gum advertises being plastic-free gives a vibe that plastic is a very popular gum ingredient.

So, gum.

Gum is best known as a breath freshener. It also gives your mouth something to do.

But gum is also not the best thing to put in your mouth when you’re hungry. It’ll make you even more hungry after a while!

But that’s neither here nor there.

Let’s talk about GLEE gum some more!

GLEE gum is also aspartame-free.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is made of chemicals that does yucky things to your insides and causes an imbalance.

I was at the Whole Foods register when I saw these and I added it to the cart.

GLEE gum considers itself to be genuine chewing gum.

I don’t really know what that means. But I guess something like Chiclets. These are pretty familiar.

Square gum with a hard shell.

This was peppermint flavored.

The peppermint flavor was good but it didn’t last long.

As in, about 20 minutes later it’s time for a new piece.

Even though natural peppermint flavor is listed in the ingredients, I have a feeling that peppermint essential oil would have a more lasting impact.

Overall, this was good for a somewhat natural gum. Legendary Khalifah liked it; he even blew some bubbles with it.

Would I buy again? For Legendary, yes I would. But for me I’d probably do something more mainstream. I like to be punched in the face with peppermint flavor. This is more like a feather lightly brushing against my taste buds 🙂

Fetty Wap Honey Jalapeño RAP SNACKS Review

Although sweet and spicy is (arguably) the best flavor combination there is out there, I’m going to create a little suspense on these Honey Jalapeño RAP SNACKS chips.

First, you know, just because sweet and spicy usually does taste good, that’s no guarantee that RAP SNACKS has gotten the formula right. They could have made them too sweet or too spicy.

It really is about achieving a perfect balance.

And yeah, okay, RAP SNACKS has created other perfectly yummy and delicious chip options (non-dairy, too!) But let’s not assume that all of their chips are just as good. We have to taste them first.

My taste buds require a certain amount of flavor punch to feel satisfied. Time and time again, my chip reviews say that some random chip needs more salt, or needs salsa.

But, this is not about those lackluster disappointments, this is about Fetty Wap’s RAP SNACKS.

So, how do these Honey Jalapeño’s satisfy?


I give it a 10 out of 10!!!!

These chips are soooo good. Perfectly seasoned. The sweetness is in perfect balance with the spicy heat.

But it’s not just regular run of the mill heat, these actually do have the jalapeño flavor too.

They’re soo good.

I could easily polish off an entire bag by myself, in one sitting.

RAP SNACKS are so damn addictive, and the ingredients are pretty good too. Not too much sugar, actual honey in the ingredients. I could go on and on.

And, I’m so happy they have a fair amount of flavors without dairy. I don’t feel left out at all when I can’t get the popcorn because I have yummy chips to choose from.