Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Macadamias REVIEW

So, this one is an old favorite! Every time I got into 7-Eleven looking for a nutty snack and have $1.99 to spare, this is the one that I grab.

The flavor here is sea salt and cracked pepper but if you’re looking for something hot and spicy, this is not that! However, what this is is a flavorful 1oz package of nuts.

The seasonings are powdered on heavily. And when I say heavily, I mean that there is no lack of flavor here! At the same time, the flavor of macadamia nuts still comes though clearly. Over all, it’s a perfect balance of flavor.

I guess this review is pretty short today. This is one of my favorite snacks at 7-Eleven and probably one of the healthier options too. It is definitely recommended to anyone who wants a salty snack that tastes good. If you can, probably get two packages. Sometimes one is just not enough πŸ™‚

Another Win For Vegans via Kroger

The more plant-based food options, the better!

The grocery store Kroger is getting into the vegan “meat” game with their own line of vegan foods.

Check out this article about it from MSN.

Since the announcement, their stock has gone up 2%! That’s a good indication that plant-based food options are being accepted as the new thing and it’s not slowing down, either.

As a health advocate, I do have to point out that just because something is vegan doesn’t mean that it’s a health food.

Fake meats should be eaten in moderation (no more than once a day at the most).

Hopefully Kroger will just whole food plants instead of chemicals made in a lab.