Numbers – Chapter 9 (Written by Moses)

Without a doubt, the Holy Bible was written in a coded manner. It’s awe-inspiring the way that it is written and numerically noted. My Lord God is so incredibly kind to have made it so easy to identify the various verses and scriptures so that we can all be on the same page when referencingContinue reading “Numbers – Chapter 9 (Written by Moses)”

I am a Nazarene now. Thanks for reading 😉

Sometimes you may reject a label / being labeled because it may box you in. However it will also free you when you realize that you can have more than one label! You can have tons! Choose the ones that you enjoy the most so that when it comes up, you will be proud withContinue reading “I am a Nazarene now. Thanks for reading 😉”

How To Hear The Sound Of God’s Voice (using the Holy Bible!)

I’ve been having a deep spiritual moment for the past 3-6 months. It keeps getting deeper, especially after realizing Jesus the Christ is also Lord God Almighty! I want to tell you all about the spiritual journey BUT I also want to get to the point of this post so here we go The titleContinue reading “How To Hear The Sound Of God’s Voice (using the Holy Bible!)”